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If your not sure how our sounds work, how the download option works, or don't know what PayPal is - this section will answer your questions. If you have further questions regarding our products, services, or anything else, feel free to contact us

Listen to Radio: Royalty Free Sounds [LOFI] Royalty Free Sounds [HIFI]

First off, Thank you for your interest in our Sounds, Samples, and Services! We have many items and sounds to listen to so it can be confusing which ones are which. Hence, we decided to break it down :). This is a brief outline of categories, styles, hardware samplers and software samplers the sounds are available on. Choosing the right Sounds, Samples & Services.

Listen to Radio: Royalty Free Sounds [LOFI] Royalty Free Sounds [HIFI]

All of the Sound and samples from are Royalty free to use. Sounds and Samples can be used in any type of music production: making records, remixes,
commercials, jingles, commissioned pieces, soundtracks for film, theatre, musicals, computer games and multimedia. You may modify the sounds.

Samples and sounds can NOT be used for making music or sounds that will be licensed or sold as Library Music,
Sound Clips, or other Sampling products.

Listen to Radio: Royalty Free Sounds [LOFI] Royalty Free Sounds [HIFI]

1.) Placing an order with a Credit Card
2.) Placing an order with PayPal (Download Option Only)
3.) Mail Ordering Sounds/ Payment without a Credit Card
4.) Getting Sounds on CD-ROM, Zip, SmartMedia, etc.
5.) Get Free Sounds when buying Special Page Items

Download GetRight 5.10 (2.9Mb): Royalty Free Sounds Get D/L Accelerator 7.1 (2.7Mb): Royalty Free Sounds
1.) How do I get my sounds working after I use the download option?

For Dial-Up Users ordering downloadable products, we recommend using GetRight or Download Accelerator to resume large file size downloads.
More info on Download Accelerator HERE.
More info on Get Right HERE.

1.) What are the Lofi & HiFi Links by all the Sound Collections?
2.) How do I listen to the MP3 Demos on a PC & MAC?


Roland Fantom-Xa Loading Instructions
Roland Fantom-S/X Loading Instructions
Yamaha Motif/ES Loading Instructions
Korg Triton/Extreme Loading Instructions

Akai MPC 500 Loading Instructions
Akai MPC 1000 Loading Instructions
Akai MPC 2000/XL Loading Instructions
Akai MPC 2500 Loading Instructions
Akai MPC 3000 Loading Instructions
Akai MPC 4000 Loading Instructions
Import MPC Sounds to the Roland MV 8000
Import Wav Samples to the Roland MC 909

1.) What is an Exclusive Beat?
2.) What is a Non-Exclusive Beat?
3.) Which Type of Beat do I Need?

1.) How do I make MPC CD-ROMSs using
Nero Burning Rom 6?

1.) General Sampling FAQ
2.) Reason NN-XT FAQ
3.) GigaStudio FAQ
4.) Steinberg Halion FAQ
5.) Native Instruments Kontakt FAQ
6.) Emagic EXS 24
More to come... Get these Software Sampler Demos HERE

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