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*This set of instructions is for loading .Wav & .Aif samples to the Fantom-S & Fantom-X keyboard. It is wise to backup any files that you may have to either your computer or another SmartMedia Card.

The following instructions are for users who have USB connections to their computer. You can also use your Smartmedia card, if you have a SmartMedia card reader.*

1) Press Menu on the Fantom-S/X......Go to enter and select Memory Card.

2) On your PC go to My Computer....then the Drive that is your Fantom (This is usually E:\ ....depending on the amount of drives that you have....the drive will say "Fans Card")

3) Open the particular folder that you downloaded and unzipped the GN .Wav & .Aif Samples.....navigate to the SMPL folder and select all samples (edit--->Select All)

4) Copy and Paste these samples from this folder to "E:\tmp\audio_import" (or whatever drive the Fantom is on)

5) Exit USB connection on the Fantom (F8)

6) Press save/load on the Fantom and navigate to "Import Audio"

7) Select Import Audio and select all samples using the "mark set" key and the arrow buttons.

8) Press F8 (import)----Exec......this will then take you to the "Sample List".

9) Select all samples, then press F7 (load utility).....then F3 (multisample) the F8 (write) a card location, then press F8 (write)....Exec...Assign the multisample to the keyboard (F8)......then press exit.

10) Press the "write" key (along the right side of the screen) on the Fantom....then select "Patch/Rhythm".....enter the patch F8 (write).....then select card or user (preferably card....unless you are an expert) F8 to write and you're all set. The patch information will be written to the FANS.SVD file on your SmartMedia card.

*Make sure to keep in mind the location where you saved the patch*

It is important to note that after importing a sample the original still remains in the the /TMP/AUDIO_IMPORT folder. Once it has been imported to the /SMPL folder it is up to you to delete the original if you wish. You may not want to do this immediately if you plan on editing the sample. You can always re-import it if you mess things up :-). However, remember you are using twice the space if you keep the original in /TMP/AUDIO_IMPORT folder as well as the imported version in /SMPL.

Download Fantom-S/X Loading Instructions.doc
Download Fantom-S/X Loading Instructions.txt

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