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Mastering online is available. To get started, take a few moments to signup for Online or Mail order Mixing Services. After signing up, you will be sent a user name, password, and detailed information before getting started.

Mastering has never been easier. Get the sheen your mix deserves.

We provide a high class mastering processing for your mixes. More exactly, every track will be individually analyzed and processed. We will pay attention to your demands, that's why we want to know what you expect from your final work. We are expecting an open communication with our clients. At times, the mastering process may or may not change dramatically the sound of your audio material. Sometimes the mastering 'magic wand' is not able to fix common mistakes that are usually made during the recording and mixing sessions. Be sure to read the 'how to prepare the mixes for the mastering session'. The very common rule 'we'll fix it in the mastering' is as real as santa claus or the easter bunny. Read over this article and take your time and prepare your mixes for mastering.

These are the basic steps that we will provide during Mastering setup:
- Mixes extraction & mastering session creation
- Check in & problems logging
- Processing with just a single setup for all your mixes (stereo field expanding, image balancing, equalization, compression, limiting)
- Phase correlation checking (stereo and mono)
-CD track ordering, spacing and fades
- RedBook or image building (CD image for FTP transfer)

If you would like to get started mastering your project, please signup through our Online Mastering form.


Listen to the before and after:

play Dreams play Heaven play Model Prayer
(clips contain both before & after samples)

Pricing also includes the following: (* Upon Request)
- Mastering processing
- Mastering editing
- PQ encoding
- ISRC insertion
- Fade editing
- RedBook building
- Error checking
- Wav Data CD*
- MP3s in 320 kbps, 192kbps and 128kbps*

If you would like to get started mastering your project, please signup through our Online Mastering form.

Mixing Tips included free of charge before Mastering.
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- SONY BVH 2000PS reel to reel tape recorder
- SONY BVU800P beta mastering recorder
- Sonic Core Pulsar DSP & Mastering Suite
- Steinberg Wavelab
- Dynaudio BM5A-near field monitors
- Dynaudio Audience 42-translate monitors
- Yamaha NS-10-near field monitors
- M-Audio BX5
- Event 20/20
- Jamo Studio 11-hi-fi monitors
- Preamp: TL Audio Ivory2 5051,
- Dynamic: LA-2A, UREI 1176LN, SSL SL 4000 bus compressor, 1176SE, Fairchild 670, Sonalksis SV-315, Fish series, MD3, MasterX5,
Precision Limiter, Tubelimiter EQ: Pultec EQP-1A, SSL E&G series EQ, Pultec Pro, Neve Sontec Eq, URS A Seriers, URS A10 Series, URS
Fulltec, URS BLT, URS N Series, URS N10 Series, URS Mix, URS S Series, Sonalksis SV-517, Waves
- Effects: EMT 140, RealVerb Pro, DreamVerb, TC VSS, Waves
- Exciters: Aphex Aural Exciter, Dominion transient designer, BBE Sonicmaximizer,Analog modeling-pulse
- Analyzer: Digicheck, Pinguin Audiometer, Samplitude internal analyzer, PSP VU-Meter, Inspector XL, SpectraFoo.

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