Introduce yourself to the ‘All in One Complete 7 Lesson Courses’ focuses on setting up your studio, music production, engineering, mixing, mastering and overcoming the many obstacles of the music entrepeneur.

If you need to optimize your studio, upgrade your gear, refine your engineering, or learn engineering from scratch, this program will step you in the right direction and will save years of time in getting the knowledge on the tools that will work for YOU. Unlike most schooling, after just one lesson, you will sharpen your engineering skills immediately!

Every time technology advances, it opens up another style/method of producing music. The more a producer can stay on the cutting edge of technoloogy, the more valuable a producer can be by making phatter tracks in less time with tighter sounds.

Do you feel like your productions and recordings are missing something?

Not satisfied with the sound coming from your studio?

Whether you need to brush up on new technology, learn to maximize your studio setup to its fullest potential, or upgrade your studio, this package will give you a customized collaboration of knowledge from all of our training packages to make the most of your studio without learning what you already know!


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