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Atlanta Recording Studio creates & specializes in Hip Hop Samples, Trance Sounds, Reggaeton Sounds, Akai MPC Sounds, Akai MPC 1000 Sounds, MPC 2000 sounds, Akai MPC 2000xl sounds, Akai MPC 2500 Sounds, Akai MPC 3000 Sounds, Akai MPC 4000 Sounds, MV 8000 sounds, Motif Sounds, Motif ES Sounds, Triton Sounds, Triton Extreme sounds, Triton TR sounds, Fantom S sounds, Fantom X sounds, Fantom Xa sounds, Reason Refills, Wav Samples, Hip Hop Sounds. Also providing Hip Hop Beats, Online Mixing, Online Mastering, Training on Making Beats, Training on Mixing, Cubase Training, Reason Training, Akai MPC Training


Send a copy of the song or instrumental piece already mixed that you are HAPPY with.
(Maximize the benefits of this process)

Please include a cue sheet with legal name, company name (if any) and your artist/band name. Then include the album title, song title, track number, length of your song(s) and the music style or category.

Or (choose PDF / Text Audio Mastering Cue Sheet)
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Mastering for Performance Tracks, Instrumentals and TV Tracks.

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One Song Mastering for a Single Song Demo, MP3 preparation, & Promotion

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Get Three Songs Mastered for a Three Song Demo, EPK, & Promotion.

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Five Song Mastering for a Five Song EP, Five Song Demo, & Promotion.

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Get your entire Album Mastered (up to 79:59 min. of material).

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October 9th, 2006 - Trance Vol.1 & Electro Drum Kit (24 & 16 bit) Released

August 28th, 2006
- 5 Exclusive Beats Released

June 17th, 2006
- Neo Soul R&B Sounds Vol.2 Released!

May 15th, 2006
- Analog Tape Machine Midwest Sounds Vol.2 Released!

March 6th, 2006 - Native Instruments Battery Sounds Released in .kit format for Battery 1 and Battery 2!

February 3rd , 2006
- Synth Pad Sample Series Vol2,3,4 Released


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