About: Music School Mission

About: Music School Mission

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The Computer Music Production School is not your ordinary Music College, Music School or Alternative Music School. CMPS is a full fledged Music Production and Audio Recording School for the creative artist, music producer, recording engineer, record label and entrepreneur. Students who enroll in our courses want to stop paying for studio time, mixing, and mastering so they can save money and achieve their creative vision. Our students have recorded clients, sold beats, recorded multiple albums and received label offers before finishing our courses.


  • To develop, mentor, train and teach technical and practical principles on how students can live their music dream.
  • To provide life coaching and practical principles of wisdom in life, music and business.
  • To create and develop a community of entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders to inspire the masses, to help the poor, oppressed and financially challenged.


When our music school first began, we started with in studio, classroom style training in Atlanta. Students lost information spending additional time translating info they learned to their own equipment without someone helping them along the way after each session. Additional travel expenses were also not beneficial for students.

We then switched to online and phone training where we would log in directly to the student’s computer and walk them through every step. Even though they learned in nearly half the time, they still couldn’t remember everything covered in each training session.

Now, with over 14 years experience in the music business, we have consolidated all of our tips, tricks and experience into music production school courses. Unlike traditional schooling, each student can go as fast or take as long as needed without losing money or valuable information. Students can learn from anywhere around the globe, connect with their classmates and access their course information for the rest of their life.

Let’s face it, it’s the 21st Century – why pay for unprofitable travel and housing costs?”


We have been producing, recording, mixing and mastering with Blue Sound Studios and GotchaNoddin.com, hosted songwriting seminars, classroom, in studio training and have worked out of Atlanta and Miami with clients based in New York, California, Atlanta, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, France, London, China, Ghana, Germany, Bermuda, Norway, Japan, Taiwan and many more.

With our experience and confidence in our quality, all services include a 100% satisfaction guarantee with the final product of material. Listen to mixing and mastering services on every sample library mp3 demo. The quality of  Sample Libraries and Client Work speak for themselves. Also listen to the results and student testimonials under the testimonials section of this website.

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Redefining the term “Online Music School

Certification and Diplomas in music production and audio recording education typically result in students being in debt, without studio equipment and left with no possibility of making their money back in 10 to 15 years. Traditional online music courses can involve logging into an account, taking a test, completing a course and never hearing from an instructor again. 95% of students who attend studio/classroom/institute training never use the equipment they were taught on again. When student’s don’t learn on their own equipment, 50% of all information learned is lost in ‘translation’ with no one to help apply what was learned to their own equipment. We have helped many students recover from this tragedy and step out into their own music business and creative freedom.

Our music school is 100% interactive with 24/7 hands on training using a combination of online access, phone and email. Each student’s home studio becomes their recording school.

Hands on training is not tweaking knobs or fiddling with faders. Hands on training is when a student is alone, in their own studio and must get a radio ready production to their client on a deadline. There can be no writer’s block or discouragement.

Our music school training and mentoring is unlike a video tutorial or a manual. It is setup so students can learn with any combination of studio equipment, hardware or software currently available and can reference the course for the rest of their life. Student adviser support is also available free at no additional cost and features one on one mentoring, consulting, life coaching and support on writing, producing, recording, mixing, mastering, music business (copyrights, publishing, contracts) and networking in the music industry.


Students learn the role, mindset and ‘language’ of the artist, songwriter, music producer / beat maker, recording engineer, mix engineer and mastering engineer while also developing their own music business plan all in one course. Students will be able to work out of any studio, figure out any gear, write, record, produce, mix and master their own material to the ‘radio ready’ industry standard level, with their own equipment, within a few hours – Guaranteed.