Terms and Conditions

All items can be ordered through our regular checkout system, Paypal or Mail order.

Replacement, Exchange, Returns
Disks/items that are shipped have a 30 day replacement/exchange offer to return defective or damaged disks for a replacement disk(s).

Once your order is completed, due to information services, digital information, copyright law, & duplication capabilities, all items & services are non-refundable. Those who have previously shopped with us know we strive to be as accommodating as possible providing assistance and flexibility to ensure satisfaction for all item and service transactions. View our Client’s Testimonials

To replace a defective disk, contact us via phone or our support ticket system within 30 days to request a RMA number (Return Management Authorization) & we will ship out a replacement as soon as received.

Please read all product descriptions, listen to all MP3 demos, and check our FAQ section for details on all products and services. If you are still unsure if a product or service is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Music Production School Service Policies
Students receive a 100% guarantee up to 30 days after completing the All-in-One Complete 7 Lesson Course. To qualify for the guarantee, students must complete all lessons including homework assignments, making beats, recording, mixing, mastering music and music business planning.

30 days after course completion, students who cannot produce, record, mix and master that qualify for the 100% guarantee must complete the 100% guarantee submission within 30 days after course completion to receive the 100% guarantee.

View the full Terms of Service Guarantee at the Computer Music Production School website.

Mixing & Mastering Service Policies
All mixing and mastering services require enrollment plan completion before commencement of services. Client will receive up to 3 changes per song. Any further changes are at an additional rate that will be discussed before continuing work. Online mixing and mastering service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee with the final product of your material. Each song that is mixed and or mastered will be approved by you before final product delivery. All service industry work is non-refundable. 
Client grants Gotcha Noddin LLC its partners and successors the right to use and promote client’s music.

We encourage you to review your production and recordings before submission to ensure that they have the best possible material. You must understand that we will be held blameless for any damaged or badly recorded, and or produced material.

Buy Beats Service Policies
View the Exclusive Beat Agreement. View the Non Exclusive Beat Agreement. By buying beats sold under GotchaNoddin.com, you (licensee) automatically become bound to the terms of the Beat Agreements.

Shipping & Downloads
All items ordered are instantly available in your account for the download option. Please download your sounds while waiting for your order to ship. Once your order is completed, due to information services, digital information, copyright law, & duplication capabilities, all items & services are non-refundable.

Orders placed to ship typically take 4-7 business days in the U.S. and are shipped and tracked through USPS.com. In the United States, when tracking items, information will be noted as ‘USPS has been notified of the shipment of this package’ until the item is delivered. This means the item is still in transit and has not been delivered. International orders are an additional $49 to $99 shipping expense varying per country.

Due to fluctuating shipping rates, International orders do not ‘auto-ship’. GotchaNoddin will request shipping details and arrange custom shipping for your order. If GotchaNoddin does not hear from you, your order will not ship. Your items will be available only for the download option until you respond.

GotchaNoddin.com is not responsible for any packages that are late, lost or stolen. Damaged packages will be replaced under the terms of our Replacement, Exchanges, Returns Section.

Items ordered via credit card payment are available for download immediately after purchase in your account. To download your sounds, login to your account, go to my downloads, view your order receipt and click the download link. If download links are pending in your account, missed or corrupted because connection was terminated before the download could complete, email our support ticket system to receive a regenerated download link.

If your email does not arrive in the time frame listed, you may be experiencing:

-Your internet service provider (ISP) is experiencing problems.
-The email address provided is incorrect; Make sure to check this address before submitting payment.
-Your email account is recognizing our email address as junk mail; Make sure to check your junkmail boxes immediately as some junkmail boxes auto delete.

If you have not received the download link within 24 hours, please notify us and include your order number, email address, name on the order, and if our regular checkout system or paypal was used. The more info given, the faster we can deliver your items.

Privacy Policy
GotchaNoddin.com pledge that the information you enter will not be shared with any outside party, period. Please be assured that both identity and personal information will be protected.