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UnBlocking Writer/'/s Block


How many times have you been stuck, discouraged and frustrated thinking you may never write another good song or beat? Well I have some good news for you. There is no such thing as ‘writers block’.

If you are a writer, the way to get out of the notion you have writers block is by writing each day. The first thing in the morning, write for 10 minutes, 3 journal pages or 1 Word document/text file. The goal is to get past all of the clutter in your mind until you get to the ‘meat’ of what you’re really thinking and feeling.

Another option is to brainstorm on the things that have been moving you. Whether its personal circumstances, things in the world or what your friends are going through. Use the things around you to create a theme, let that be your song title and then you’ll find yourself with no more writers block.

Another option is to build a song thesis. For example, In the back of my mind I have been ‘working’ on a new album. This is a work in progress while in the middle of other projects. This thesis is both music and lyrical. I’m making decisions and jotting notes down while in the middle of ‘life’ about lyrical themes, song ideas and what I would like to express musically.

If you feel uninspired with making beats, it’s even simpler than songwriting. Just pick a song that is inspiring you right now, anything that you find yourself listening to a lot, and come up with your own version of it. Technically challenge yourself with emulating a portion of the track. If it’s the drums, instrumentation, arrangement or even a particular sound you like, just start with whatever is inspiring you the most. Afterwards, new ideas will come and you’ll be off to a new direction in no time.

Another option is to use a different piece of software, sound module or just experiment with an altogether different music production method. Even try writing a song that is a different style.

With beat making, try not to limit yourself no matter how bizarre or abnormal your creative approach is. Just get the ideas out. This is half the battle. 8 bar loops are always inspiring and help me get out ruts. When I’m emotionally moved or inspired to work on music, I’ll load up my templates, create an 8 bar loop of drums, 2 bass lines and 3-5 melodies. I’ll mute them and play different parts to make sure they all work together. Afterwards, I’ll stop and save it, make another beat or just go on my way.

This method can be similar to writing every morning. By making an 8 bar loop everyday it gets you to your creativity without getting bogged down by the technical aspects. Once you are feeling good, creative and your thoughts are positive, you can then finish the 8 bar loops you created by getting into the arrangement process.

Remember, feelings follow your thoughts so if you’re feeling writers block, chances are you have been thinking you have been blocked for a longer time than you have consciously known.

If you’re feeling blocked, simplify and separate the beat making, mixing, engineering aspects of your creativity. After the 8 bar loops are done and inspiration has returned, then work on the arrangement, mixing, engineering and finishing the song.

If you would like more information on this article, contact me at http://www.computerproducer.com/contact.html

Ed Unger


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