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Let's say that you record and mix the entire material with some basic settings. So all your mixes, sound similarly from one song to next song and all you need is a final master for short-run. There are many reasons that you need a short-run, because you can't present just a simple mix with poor level, but the time and the budget are not on your side. In this case we offer you "One Pass" service which uses a global process for all your mixes. More exactly, we will treat all your tracks with same compression, same eq, same stereo image and same limiting. ONE PASS Mastering is a great “budget” alternative to standard mastering but keep in mind that there is one “global” setting applied to the entire finished product. For example an acoustic band or an orchestra can choose this service because all the tones and processings don't significantly modify. If songs vary widely in volume or general tone, or if they were mixed using different settings, “ONE PASS” would probably NOT be your best choice. Be sure that we will let you know if material is best suitable for the One Pass or Full Service Mastering. Also, make sure to read the 'how to prepare the mixes for the mastering session'. The very common rule 'we'll fix it in the mastering' is as real as santa claus or the easter bunny. Read over this article and take your time and prepare your mixes for mastering.

These are the basic steps during the Basic One Pass Mastering setup:
- mixes extraction & mastering session creation
- check in & problems logging
- processing with just a single setup for all your mixes (stereo field expanding, image balancing, equalization, compression, limiting)
- phase correlation checking (stereo and mono)
-CD track ordering, spacing and fades
- RedBook or image building (CD image for FTP transfer)

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