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Music Production School Courses
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-7 Lesson Course: Become a Music Producer & Audio Engineer
-4 Lesson Course: Unlock Mixing & Mastering
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Music Production School; FAQ
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How do you Teach all this Information in one Course?

How does your Online Music Course work?

Will I get hands on training?

Why should I take this Course?

Where are the locations?

What if I want to re-locate to a better city for my style of music?

Do I need Hi-Speed Internet?

Can I get College Credits for this Course?

Can I get a job after this Course?

What if I don’t play an instrument or know anything about music theory?

Do I need a PC or MAC?

Do I really need ProTools?

What is the Catch?

What about Music Equipment; Do I need it before starting? Do I get it from you?

What if I have Equipment and am Intermediate to Advanced at Music Production & Engineering?

Are there any specials?

Are there any payment plans?

Are there any guarantees?

How do you teach all this info in one course?
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When our training Course first started over six years ago, we started with ‘in studio’ training in Atlanta. It took students a year and a half to complete. Students lost information because they had to spend additional time translating info they learned to their own equipment after each session. Additional travel expense and costs were also not beneficial for students.

We then switched to online and phone training where we would log in directly to the student’s computer and walk them through every step. This process took students eight months to complete the Course. This Course was still not efficient enough for what our students needed. Even though they learned in nearly half the time, they still couldn't remember everything covered in each jam-packed information session.

Now, with over 12 years experience in the music business, we have consolodated all of our tips, tricks, templates and experience from our Training Course and information into a Music Production & Engineering Course that takes as little as 7 weeks to complete.

Our course is unlike a video tutorial, a manual or any other music course available to date. It is setup so you can learn with any combination of studio equipment, hardware or software currently available.
You'll be able to reference this course for the rest of your life. You'll also have a student advisor give you one on one support through the entire Course.

This is the only music school offering all these features in one affordable package:

Basic Music Theory
Piano Lessons
Ear Training
Sound Design
Compression, EQ, Effects
Outboard Gear and Plugins
Mixing and Mastering
Starting your Music Business
Marketing and Promotion

You will learn the role and mindset of the artist, songwriter, producer/beatmaker, recording engineer, mix engineer and mastering engineer while also learning to start your own music business all in one course.

At the end of this course you'll be able to work out of any studio, figure out any gear, write, record, produce, mix and master your own material to the 'radio ready' industry standard level, with your own equipment, within a few hours - Guaranteed.

How does this Music Course Work?
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You will be given new information in each week’s lesson via email in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format with included homework from the course textbook to get hands on training with your music equipment. You’ll also have custom support directly from a student advisor to help you through unique troubleshooting, extra questions, building a studio or any other support needed during the Music Course. You also have the option to receive custom support for the rest of your life.

This Course is focused on unlocking all aspects of music production and engineering and removing all the technicalities so you can be more creative.

Unlike most educational systems, this Course is customized to your schedule, learning curve and ‘life-factor’ – those things that you just can’t predict. In other words, you don’t have to worry about missing valuable information because life happens.

If you have to go out of town, need more time on homework, your work schedule changes or you just need some time to yourself, you won't miss a single bit of information.

In order for your music to grow technically and creatively, you’ll need to grow yourself too. You will be given valuable learning tools you can apply to any aspect of your life. You’ll realize that you can conquer any project that seems overwhelming with the steps you’ll learn in this Music Course. Be easy on yourself and remember that you’re going for your dreams and that is half the journey.

Will I get hands on training? (Back to Top)
Everything is about knowledge. Only by having the knowledge and experience of all the tools involved can you be productive with hands on training to hear the industry standard results.

During this Music Course, you will be given new information in each week’s lesson and then have homework to get your hands on training with your own equipment. This is proven to be the fastest method of learning music production and engineering. You’ll also have custom support from us directly to help you through unique troubleshooting, extra questions or any other support needed during the Course.

In total, you’ll create 6-7 new music productions. That is almost an album’s worth of material to release through your own music business after completing the course.

You’ll love the mixing lesson especially since this Course is geared for Hip Hop, RnB, Dance, Reggaeton, & Pop/Rock Music Styles.

During the 6th Lesson “Getting the Perfect Mix Every Time”, you’ll be completing 3 mixes for homework and then mastering them in the 7th lesson "Unlocking the Mysteries of Mastering":

1st Mix: to get experience with working on a client mix
2nd Mix: to get experience with making your own track and remixing/adding vocals
3rd Mix: to record your own music production and complete the final mix.

Why should I take this Course? (Back to Top)
To achieve your music dream RIGHT NOW.

Other school systems are charging $20,000 to $50,000 for less information. 95% of students who learn from these schools will never use the equipment they were taught on again.

Just think about what this Course will do for you in a short amount of time..

You can get a complete music production, recording studio AND complete your music production and engineering training in as little as 7 weeks.

Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, you’ll have these skills forever. For the rest of your life, you will have the opportunity to make money from your music productions and engineering skills.


Where are the locations? (Back to Top)
Anywhere in the world.


When you go to a college, music institute, studio, or any other place to learn, you lose knowledge in the translation. In other words, after class you have to come home, translate, integrate and then apply everything you learned to your own equipment, circumstance and goals.

Since the Course will teach you directly using your own personal studio, you will have no questions after completion because you’ll know where to find the answers. In fact, you’ll be able to unlock gear from any studio you work in. We have trained people through the phone and internet on equipment we never physically used by using these same methods. This is proven to be the fastest method of learning music production and engineering.

Wouldn’t you like to complete this training Course which took us over 10 years to create in only 7 weeks?

What if I want to re-locate to a better City for my Style of Music?
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For students living at home or if you have your own spot already, there is no need to relocate to a better music town until you have completed your training and have setup your music business.

If you think about it, you are just delaying your music dreams and goals... Some people never get to live their dreams after getting out on their own.

That decision alone WILL put your music career behind 1-3 years - minimally. Right now, you have a place to stay and more time than ever in comparison to changing locations, making a move on your own to a new city and the additional time lost and expenses for relocating.

Once you’ve completed this Course, invested in your studio equipment and music business, you can choose to live where you want because you will take your business with you wherever you go.

Every decision you make NOW ultimately affects how easy or how hard the future will be for you in achieving your dreams.

Do I need Hi-Speed Internet? (Back to Top)

Actually, internet speed is of no matter for this Course.

All project files and course material including the Bonus Pack can be mailed to you if you don't have hi-speed internet. In fact, all you need is to have an email account in order to receive the course in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You’ll also be sending/receiving emails for questions, more information and support.

We have set this Course up so you are not required to spend additional monies on traveling expenses and don’t lose information due to translation when working in another location.

Can I get College Credits for this Course?
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Nope - There is no need for it.
You save money and so do we by not offering college credit courses. Accreditation costs nearly $10,000 alone to offer that functionality every year... Yep, $10,000 a year.. That would change our prices drastically. Not only that, all our tips, tricks and methods would have to be approved by faculty who may not know about the new music industry taking place and the heavy advancements of new technology.

A college degree offers education for a music career. You can have an education in the music industry and still not know what you're doing.

Knowledge, Experience AND Results is what
will get you the job.

In the music industry, you can't fake it. Until the songs, music productions and demo reel recorded from your studio meet the industry standard, you will not get taken seriously.

We are an independent music school. Because we are independent our courses can update and change faster than Music Schools offering college credit courses. Our Music Courses are created so you save money, get flexible pricing and scheduling that is customized for you and your busy schedule.

Can I get a job after this Course?
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At the end of this Course we guarantee you will be able to work in any studio, produce your own music, record clients/yourself, mix, master your material and also create an objective marketing plan for your music.

Instead of getting a job, you’ll be able to start your own music business. On top of that, all graduating students will get potential job placement with our music business partners.

What if I don’t play an instrument or know anything about music theory? (Back to Top)
No problem. You can learn it along the way! This Course includes free piano lessons, basic music theory and also Computer Producer’s Laymen’s music theory and ear training. No matter what you don’t know, you’ll be able to unlock it.

Do I need a PC or MAC? (Back to Top)
If you grew up with a PC, stay on a PC. If a Mac, stay on a Mac. No matter what anyone says, today, all systems are equally powerful. It’s better to stick with what you are familiar with as you have plenty to learn already. Adding a new platform will just complicate the process. Remember, a new computer means learning new navigation, compatibility, new bugs and new issues. 

Do I really need ProTools?
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The story of ProTools popularity comes from the TDM & HD DSP based systems. Meaning the system uses hardware instead of relying solely on the computer’s memory resources. Now that computers are very powerful the extra expense of these systems are not required. ProTools LE is what most people are familiar with these days. It offers only 32 tracks with limited track capability, EQ is not on every track, and midi editing & capabilities have been considered poor in comparision to others in the market. Some people use ProTools and another sequencer which adds additional expenses of time and money. The interface and tools are considered not as user friendly. Don’t get us wrong though, if you are using it and it works for you that is great. However, if you are getting started, it is not as user friendly to get started with as other systems in the market. Its limitations will easily be outgrown which will require future upgrades and expenses.

We highly recommend Steinberg’s Cubase. Steinberg first created the VST (virtual studio technology) that revolutionized software synthesis. Cubase also works flawlessly with Midi and Audio synchronization, unlimited audio tracks, EQ on every track, 3 mixer interfaces, and is also bundled with Yamaha’s Motif Keyboard sounds in the Halion One VST instrument in Cubase 4. Not to mention, Cubase (Nuendo & Ableton Live) are the only programs that record in 32 bit. 32 bit is not a hardware conversion but a software one that gives double the amount of headroom, no clipping when recording, and also provides an analog tape saturation effect that gives vocals and instruments natural warmth – yes digital warmth. Cubase also offers surround sound mixing capabilities and an advanced ‘control room’ for specific headphone mix routing capabilities when tracking a full band. Cubase is our top recommendation and has been for years. It is the easiest to begin music production and engineering with or pursuing on a professional level. We have witnessed MANY students switch from ProTools, Logic, Sonar and were more creative afterwards without any limitations, technicalities or bugs.

What is the Catch? (Back to Top)
There is no other course like this in the world. There is no huge faculty, there is no physical location to attend the course. We run an independent music business that was started from the ground up just as you'll learn how to achieve yourself.

We can’t make you a star but we will show you how to achieve your dreams and goals in the music industry.
The rest is up to you.

What about Music Equipment;
Do I need it to get started? Do I buy it from you?
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The goal is to get every component needed to operate a full fledge recording, music production studio AND the education to run it successfully.

If you're just beginning and need to purchase music equipment or are intermediate to advanced and think you need additional gear, we recommend purchasing equipment during the Course only.

The first week’s lesson “Developing a Relationship with your Music Equipment” will show you step by step what to purchase and why. From there, you will get direct support from us on getting the best priced gear and choosing exactly what you need without spending a penny more than what’s needed.

If you do not learn on your own equipment, in your own studio environment and at your own pace, how can you permanently retain this career changing information and put it to use when and where you wish?

Let us take the hassle out of everything, answer all of your questions and ensure you get the most professional equipment at the best price. This will ensure you protect your budget and don’t purchase things you will not use in the future. After the Course, you'll never need to ask for advice on what to get and when to get it ever again, Guaranteed.

What if I already have Equipment and am Intermediate to Advanced at Music Production and Engineering? (Back to Top)
The Course is even more of a bonus for you. This is a chance for you to finalize your foundation, terminology, workflow, learn tips and tricks from the ground up and take your music career from amateur to professional.

You'll get rid of the technology hassles and bring pure creativity back to your music production and engineering.

With the crucial information this Course has to offer, you'll learn the mindset of the artist, the producer, the engineer, the mixing engineer and the mastering engineer. At the end of this Course you'll be able to work out of any studio, figure out any gear, write, record, produce, mix and master your own material to the industry standard level, with your own equipment, within a couple hours.

Are there any specials? (Back to Top)
With every payment plan option, students receive over $2,000 of bonus materials.

These Platinum Package Bonus Materials include:
-3GB of GotchaNoddin.com Sample Libraries unavailable for sale on the website.
-Sell your music productions & beats at GotchaNoddin.com
-Potential job placement with our music business partners.
-Free VST Instrument and Effects Plugins
-The Course Textbook
-Four eBooks on guerilla music marketing, branding yourself online, booking your gigs, unforgettable business cards
-Student Advisor Support for Life!

Are there any guarantees? (Back to Top)
Our promise to you is quite simple; We guarantee your complete satisfaction with this Course. We are going to take all the risk by giving you a 100% guarantee up to 30 days after you have completed the Course. We guarantee you will learn all of this information and more.

Click here for details on the Music Course Syllabus and Requirements
If you have any other questions that are not listed here, please contact us directly. We would be glad to assist you. Call Blue Sound Studios at 305.944.7325 or
Email us through our Contact Form

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For more information on any of the training packages, for custom training, or to get started,
contact us through our support ticket system

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