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Music Production School Courses
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-7 Lesson Course: Become a Music Producer & Audio Engineer
-4 Lesson Course: Unlock Mixing & Mastering
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Become a Music Producer & Audio Engineer in 7 Weeks
Partnered with Computer Music Production School
at www.computerproducer.com

-$2,500, -PC & MAC,
-Student Advisor Included


This Music Course covers everything you need to know about starting your own studio, purchasing additional gear if needed, unlocking music production, engineering, mixing and mastering. The Course can be completed from anywhere in the world and you can start today.

You'll learn the mindset of the artist, the producer, the engineer, the mixing engineer and the mastering engineer. At the end of this program you'll be able to work out of any studio, figure out any gear, write, record, produce, mix and master your own material to the industry standard level, with your own equipment, within a couple hours.

You will be given new information in each week’s lesson via email in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format with included homework from the course textbook to get hands on training with your music equipment. You’ll also have custom support directly from a student advisor to help you through unique troubleshooting, extra questions, building a studio or any other support needed during the Music Course. You also have the option to receive custom support for the rest of your life.

This course can be completed in as little as 7 weeks. Spend as little or as much time on each lesson and its homework as you need. Unlike most educational systems, this Online Music Course is customized to your schedule, learning curve and
‘life-factor’ - those things that you just can’t predict.

In other words, if you have to go out of town, need more time on homework, your work schedule changes or you just need some time to yourself, you don’t have to worry about missing valuable information because life happens.

After completing the music course if you have questions on setting up your label, promotion, marketing or music business, you'll have a personal advisor's experience to help you along the way in taking your music career from amateur to professional.

This online course is valued at $20,000 and is now available for only $2,500. We are also offering bonus packages (some over $2,000 value of sample libraries, mixing or mastering DVDs and additional student advisor support) with specific payment plans.

On top of that, all graduating students will get potential job placement with our music business partners.

• Students who attended Full Sail, Berklee Music Online, Art Institute of Atlanta, Recording Workshop, and SAE didn't know half as much as we were teaching them. After completing their programs with them, they completed their education with us. They came home from using the school's equipment and could not figure a program as simple as FruityLoops software ($100 program). We recently had a student who was currently attending Full Sail for 6 months call us to mix and master his music project.

• Most schools are anywhere from $20-$50,000. You pay $2,500 for our Complete Online Music Course. You will not need to take any additional classes.

• Depending on your goals in the music industry, you can invest in your own studio, a computer, and our program for under $6,500.

• Our program is unlike any school program available to date. It is unlike a video tutorial, a manual or any other online class. This material can be used in combination with any studio equipment, hardware or software available.

WEEK1: Developing a Relationship with your Music Equipment
You will understand the components that make up a music production and recording studio in today's new music industry. How to setup a studio from scratch with any budget at any location. Understand computer music and music terminology.

If you do not have any gear, no problem. This lesson will give you all the information needed to make your investment. We have done all the research so you don't have to stress about the latest fads in technology. We will help you protect your budget while getting the most professional equipment you can afford. With our client support included, all of your questions will get answered by the end of this program... Guaranteed.

WEEK 2: Music Production History, Setup, & Templates
You'll learn how to connect your gear, the history of recording and how it is done now. How MP3's and the internet have changed the music industry and where it's going. You will learn the mindset of the artist and producer. What Midi used to be and what it is today. Learn how to unlock Midi using Hardware and Software Equipment. Creating projects and templates for every work flow and unlocking the software sequencer.

WEEK 3: Becoming a Music Producer
Learn all the available tools necessary to unlock the mindset of the music producer. Understand what it takes to work out of any studio using any gear. Get basic music theory, piano lessons, ear training, unlock sound design and the music production template. Unlock songwriting, music arrangements and how to create a track in an hour or less.

WEEK 4: The Role of the Recording Engineer
Unlock the mindset of the recording engineer, the science of recording hardware and software equipment including levels, tracking midi to audio, converting midi to audio, and sampling tricks. The Art of Recording live instruments, vocals, how to make vocal recording templates, music arrangements, seasoning and audio editing.

WEEK 5: Demystifying Outboard Gear and Plugins
Learn the tools of engineering, demystifying outboard gear and plugins. Unlocking compression, EQ, and effects. Get the Industry Standards on Compression, EQ, Effects and Guidelines. Understand how to use all the engineering tools and components so you can work out of any studio, any system or with any gear.

WEEK 6: Getting the Perfect Mix Every Time
Learn all the tools and the mindset of the mixing engineer. The evolution of the perfect mix, metaphysical mixing guidelines, shaping your mix, readying the drums, intriguing instruments, the secret to mixing vocals, the mixing environment, listening to your mixes, handling critics, family and friends.

WEEK 7: Unlocking the Mysteries of Mastering
Learn all the tools and the mindset of the mastering engineer. Mastering defined, the mastering room, tools and terminology, mastering platforms, unlocking the mysteries of mastering, the mastering template, creative mastering, mastering instrumentals and accapellas, final listening, working with clients, digital distribution, and the final process of order.

If you would like more info or are ready to enroll, complete the Music Course Enrollment form, choose and complete the payment plan that works best for you.
You will receive your first Lesson within 24 hours (usually 10min to 1hr), the course textbook will be shipped within 24-48 hours and your student advisor support is immediately activated.

If you need only to learn mixing and mastering, need a custom course or you're not sure this fits your budget, view our other music courses.

-Unlocking Mixing and Mastering: This Course will be the last Mixing and Mastering Program you'll take - Guaranteed.

-Custom Music Course: Pick a topic from our Online Music Courses and we'll setup a Custom Music Course at the price you can afford.

View our Online Music Courses for more information.


For more information on any of the training packages, for custom training, or to get started,
contact us through our support ticket system

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