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Modulation Like No Other Sampler
The EXS24 mk II is the ultimate sampler for the Logic series. Its outstanding sound quality — up to 24bit/192kHz — and flexible synthesis engine make it the ideal choice as the central instrument for professional audio and music productions. The powerful 10 channel modulation matrix, borrowed from Emagic’s ES2, offers extensive modulation possibilities that are simply not available to other software samplers. Every modulation source – even the side chain level – can be linked to every modulation destination. Fading between different modulation sources is possible as well.

Beyond these features, the EXS24 mk II set new standards with its ultra-precise timing and total recall automation facilities. The EXS24 mk II offers outstanding support for a wide range of sample library formats, including: EXS24 native, Akai, GigaSampler, SampleCell II, SoundFont2 and REX2, providing users with access to a huge number of sound libraries.

Up to 64 EXS24 mk II in Logic Platinum (32 in Gold, 16 in Audio) with up to 64 voice polyphony each*

Sample-accurate playback timing

Perfect integration into Logic’s 32-bit digital mixer, with access to all effects, total recall and full automation

Integrated Logic stereo sample editor with loop editing

Intelligent automapping of samples

Flexible library management using hierarchical menus

Reads AIFF, WAV and SDII with 8 to 24 Bit, 11 to 192 kHz

Imports REX2, AKAI S1000/S3000, GigaSampler, SampleCell II and SoundFont 2 sample formats

Sound Processing per Voice

Multimode filter (highpass, lowpass, bandpass) with adjustable slope, Fatness circuit for full bass response

Simultaneous control of filter cutoff and resonance

Filter may be switched off to increase polyphony

Extensive modulation section with modulation source, destination and additional source to modulate amount

2 ADSR envelopes with key tracking and variable attack phases with linear or logarithmic curves

1 polyphonic LFO with decay/delay envelope, 2 monophonic LFOs run freely or in tempo-synced note values

Analog feel, tuning and glide with pitch envelope

Poly, mono or legato mode

* depending on CPU

The Concept
The EXS24 mk II – the advanced successor to the renowned EXS24 software sampler – features sample rates up to 192 kHz and 24 Bit, providing stunning sound quality and an exceptional wide dynamic range, thanks to its 32 Bit internal processing. Its ergonomic user interface offers easy access to a comprehensive sample and synthesis engine. Sample memory is only limited by computer Œs RAM or by the hard disk space when using VSM (Virtual Sample Memory). Its perfect integration into the digital mixing system of Logic provides up to 16 individual outputs per unit, full automation and access to all of Logic’s internal effects. Songs are quickly loaded, including sound settings and sample instruments. Its exceptional sonic quality and superb performance make the EXS24 mk II the ideal sampler for your Logic system.

The Synthesis Engine
The first-class sound manipulation capabilities of the EXS24 mk II breathe life into any sampled instrument. The core of the EXS24 mk II’s sound sculpting capabilities revolves around a superior multi-mode filter with adjustable slope, variable filter overdrive amount, and a fatness circuit which ensures excellent low frequency response, even at high resonance settings. Utilizing a flexible modulation matrix, modulation sources such as the three LFOs, the 2 fast envelopes, MIDI controllers or the amplitude of a sidechain input, are routed to destinations such as sample start, sample select, pitch, glide, volume, pan, envelope time, and several parameters of the LFO and filter. The modulation amount can even be controlled by another source. Mono and legato modes support the most expressive and subtle of playing styles for solo instruments.

The Interface
The innovative, ergonomic user-interface of the EXS24 mk II takes sampler use to a new level of simplicity: no more tedious searching through endless menus and dealing with minuscule displays. With the EXS24 mk II, you have a complete, at-a-glance overview of your sound settings. Totally integrated access to Logic’s Stereo Sample Editor ensures that formerly demanding tasks, such as looping or time-stretching, are handled with ease. To aid you in the management of your instrument library, the EXS24 mk II features an exceptionally easy to use hierarchical menu structure. This is user-defined, allowing you to organize your samples to meet your needs. There is even a search facility. All of these creative solutions ensure the most efficient workflow, allowing you to effectively realize your production ideas.

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EXS 24 Samples

EXS 24 Samples

Apple Logic Pro EXS 24 Samples
Free Apple Logic Pro EXS 24 Samples!