Midi Controller


AKAI MPC 500 – The Akai MPC 500 is the first truly portable all-in-one Music Production Center. Affording artists the ability to sample and create music on-the-go, the MPC 500 offers many of the same features users have grown to love in the MPC line. Compatible with other MPC products, the MPC500 extends users’ studios to fit in with their mobile lifestyles.
Download Akai MPC 500 Sounds.
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AKAI MPC 1000 – Info & Specifications on the Akai MPC 1000. Get Sequencer specs, compatible formats, upgrade options, on board effects and more info on the MPC 1000. Also get info on how to expand the MPC1000 hard drive. Purchase the Akai MPC 1000 through zzounds.com

Download MPC 1000 Sounds and MPC 1000 Samples

AKAI MPC 2000 – The Akai MPC 60 and MPC 3000 started the very popular MPC (Midi Production Center) Sampler Series . The next unit was the Akai MPC2000. This is still a ‘native’ MPC unit as it is not compatible with Wav files yet it is an MPC and is still most valued.

Get features and specifications on the MPC 2000.
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AKAI MPC 2000 XL – The MPC 2000xl comes after the MPC 2000 of course and is compatible with wav and snd files. Both MPC 2000 & MPC 2000xl units can also be modified to replace the internal floppy drive to a zip drive. Some people are even modifying there MPC 2000 / xl with a compact flash card if they haven’t purchased the MPC 2000 xl MCD already.

Get features and specifications on the MPC 2000 xl .
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AKAI MPC 2500 – One of the most new MPC series to date, the Akai MPC 2500 specifications give you info on how many outputs come standard instead of upgrading, onboard memory, sampler, hard drive and compact flash upgrade option. Purchase the Akai MPC 2500through zzounds.com
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AKAI MPC 3000 – The Akai MPC 3000 is one of the original MPCseries units known for being a famous Linn Drum Machine with wonderful vintage warmth and feel. Get more MPC3000 info and specifications on outputs, memory capabilities, floppy disk, zip disk and other upgrade options for the Akai MPC3000.
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AKAI MPC 4000 – The MPC 4000 is an amazing MPC unit that has massive hard drive space and memory capabilities out of the box. Get more info & specifications on MPC4000 outputs, midi, sampling, and compatability with the other MPC units, monitor connection and more. Purchase the Akai MPC 4000 through zzounds.com Get more Akai MPC4000 info or
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ROLAND MV 8000 – The MV 8000 is Roland’s version of the MPC 4000 and packs unique heavy hitter features. Get more info Soundsand specifications on sampling, outputs, memory upgrades, connecting to a computer monitor and more for the RolandMV 8000.
Download Roland MV 8000 Samples and MV 8000 Samples

ROLAND MV 8800 – Since 2003, Roland’s MV-8000 has been a coveted centerpiece for many of the world’s greatest hip-hop and R&B producers. With its powerful hands-on features, and its ability to incorporate a VGA monitor and mouse, it brought the best of the hardware- and software-based production worlds together. Today Roland sets a new standard in music production power and flexibility with the MV-8800. Download Roland MV 8800 Sounds
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KORG TRITON – Through the years the Famous Triton has been recyled over and over in many different models. Get info on the Korg Triton StudioKorg Triton LE, and Korg Triton Extreme.
Also Download Triton Samples for the Triton StudioTriton LE, and Triton Extreme.
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ROLAND MC 909 – Roland’s excellent MC series now has a sampler onboard to import additional hip hop, reggaeton and dance sounds. Get more info and specifications on sound patches, midi sequencing, d beam, and more. Buy the Roland MC 909 
Download Roland MC 909 Sounds

ROLAND FANTOM X – Roland’s excellent MC series now has a sampler onboard to import additional hip hop, reggaeton and dance sounds. Get more info and specifications on sound patches, midi sequencing, d beam, and more. Order the Roland Fantom X
Download Roland Fantom Sounds

ROLAND FANTOM S – Get more information on how to import samples into the Roland Fantom S and Keyboards.
Download Roland Fantom Samples

ROLAND FANTOM KEYBOARD – The Roland Fantom Keyboard Series each has an expandable Sampler that can import  Roland Fantom Samples

YAMAHA MOTIF – The Yamaha Motif is the start of the Motif Series keyboards. It features an astounding 85MB wave ROM (when converted to 16-bit linear format) and contains many of the best waveforms from Yamaha’s highly acclaimed S80, 9000 Pro and EX Series synthesizers.
Get more info on the Motif. Download Motif Sounds

YAMAHA MOTIF ES – The Yamaha Motif ES is the second board of the Motif Series keyboards. ‘ES’ meaning ‘Expanded System’. The Enhanced Sound set of the ES 1,859 waveforms are newly sampled specifically for the MOTIF ES series.
Get more info on the Motif ES and Motif ES Sounds
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 through zzounds.com

YAMAHA MOTIF XS – The Yamaha Motif XS is the 3rd board of the Motif Series keyboards. The MOTIF XS provides an exceptionally broad selection of realistic sounds to spark your creativity, with a massive 355 MB of high-quality waveforms and samples on board. Download Motif XS Sounds. Get more info or Order the Yamaha Motif XSthrough zzounds.com