Software Samplers


Get info on Today’s popular Software Samplers. Get Sounds, Wav Samples, Sample CDs, Sample Libraries and more for your favorite Software Sampler!


Wav Samples – Get different style Wav sounds for the following software samplers.

Fruity Loop Samples – Get Wav Samples to load into Fruity Loops / FL Studio! Choose from many styles, drums, instruments, effects and more!

Propellerhead Reason 2.5 – Reason 2.5 specifications, Reason 2.5 Review, Reason Refills for Reason 2.5

Propellerhead Reason 3.0 – Reason Refills for Reason 3.0, info and specifications on whats new with this version and more.

Download Reason Refills – Download Reason 3 Refills, Free Reason Refills, Reason Specifications, Reason 3.0 Manual, Reason 2.5 Manual, Download Reason Refills, and more.

Native Instruments Kontakt 2 – Range of Features, Modular Architecture, Import and Compatability and more

Kontakt Sounds – Kontakt Sounds pre-programmed in the Native Instrument Kontakt .nki format.

Apple Logic Pro EXS 24 Sampler – Concept, Synthesis Engine, Interface, Features, info & Specifications

ESX 24 Sounds – EXS 24 Sounds pre-programmed in the Apple Logic Pro EXS 24 .exs format.

Steinberg Halion 3 – New Features, Import Functions, & more

Halion Sounds – Halion Sounds pre-programmed in the Steinberg Halion .fxp format.

Native Instruments Battery 1 – Native Instruments Battery Review, Battery Version 1 specifications, Battery Sounds.

Native Instruments Battery 2 – Battery 2 specifications, Native Instruments Battery 2 Review, Battery 2 Sounds.

Native Instruments Battery 3 – Adaptive Interface, Import and Compatability, Features, System Requirements & More

Battery Samples – Battery Sounds pre-programmed in the Native Instrument Battery .kit format.

Battery Sample CDs – Battery Sample CDs, Battery samples,

Creamware STS 3000 Sampler – Get specifications on the STS 3000 Sampler. This sampler is an addon to the Scope Fusion Platform.

Creamware STS 4000 Sampler – Get info and STS samples for the STS 4000 Sampler. Also get more info or purchase the Creamware Pulsar Soundcard

Creamware STS 5000 Sampler – Get details on the Creamware STS 5000 Sampler. The STS 5000 is the full featured DSP sampler included in SFP Scope Fusion Platform

Creamware STS Samples – Get different style sounds pre programmed for the Creamware STS Sampler