Akai MPC 5000 Loading Instructions

Akai MPC 5000 Loading Instructions

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1) Loading a .PGM file in the Akai MPC 5000

(1)    Select a program file and load it. The LOAD A PROGRAM window
will be displayed. To cancel the operation, press the [F4] (CANCEL) button.

(2)    In the ‘Load’ field, select if you wish to load the samples as well. WITH SAMPLES The MPC5000 will load the samples used for the program as well. Normally select this option. PROGRAM ONLY The MPC5000 will load only the program file. It does not load the samples. Select this option when you wish to create a new program
by assigning different samples to the saved program.

(3)    If you selected WITH SAMPLES in the ‘Load’ field, make settings in the ‘Replace same samples in memory’
field. You can set how to handle the file when you already have the data with the same name as the file that is to be loaded.NO. The MPC5000 will not load the sample with the same name.
YES. The MPC5000 will overwrite the data with the new data.

(4)    Press the [F5] (DO IT) button. The MPC5000 will start loading the data.


When loading a Folder, the MPC5000 now has the ability to load only samples (WAV Files), and create a new Program.  The samples will automatically be assigned to each pad of the new Program.  If more than 64 samples are in the folder, an additional Program will be created which will contain the extra samples beyond the first 64.  These Programs will be named “Program” followed by a unique number starting at 001.  If you already have a Program called Program 001, then it will automatically go to Program 002, and so on.  You can easily change the names of the Programs when you are creating them, or rename the Programs after they are created.

To load all the samples in a folder into a new program, do the following:

In DISK MODE, select a folder to load.
(1)    Press [DO IT] to load the folder
The LOAD A FOLDER window will appear as shown below.

(2)    In the ‘LOAD’ field, choose “SAMPLES INTO NEW PROGRAMS”. (Use Data Wheel or Cursor Buttons to select this option).
NOTE: You can also CLEAR or REPLACE same files as well.

(3)    Press [DO IT]

If you have any additional info, email support center with tips and tricks you feel will help users.