Downloading Sounds

Downloading Sounds

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1.) For PC users, Make sure Winzip ( is installed.
For MAC users, make sure Alladin Stuffit Expander ( is installed.

2.) After payment, you will be able to download your zip file on the order completed page.

3,) Click the link and choose to save the file on your computer in a folder/place you will remember.

4.) For PC users, right click the file you want to unzip ( for example) and choose the option ‘extract to folder’ under winzip. When it is finished unzipping, select all the contents of the ‘sound_kit‘ folder (CTRL-A to select all), right click the selections, then choose the ‘send to’ menu and select the floppy drive (MPC2000, MPC3000, Triton, etc). If you are using the MPC 500, MPC 1000, MPC 2500, MPC 4000, Yamaha Motif or any other USB hardware unit, you can connect and copy the files directly from the computer through USB.

For MAC users using stuffit, double click the file and a folder will automatically be created.

5.) If you experience any instant download bugs/SQL errors, your downloads are still available. The result is some sound kits are not available as instant downloads. (Product description will say “Item not available for instant download”). The downloads are then available within 24 hours (usually 10min to 1 hour).

If you have any questions regarding these errors or would like to report an error, email us at
Thank you for your support and Keep Noddin! Team