How to Prepare your Music for Online Mixing

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1) Please provide individual wav/aif files exported from your DAW in the bit/sample rate they were recorded in. Make sure to name each individual file by its instrument, vocal, etc. Organization will help increase your project’s efficiency and turnaround time.

2) Include your current mp3/wav mixdown of all songs.

3) Also include a text file with the tempo, what hardware, software, mics, preamps, etc. you used to record and any other detailed information you feel is pertinent to your project.

4) Afterwards, you can zip or stuff each song into one file to upload. ( for PC, for Mac)

5) After completing your Mixing Package payment, you’ll receive login instructions to upload your material. If you haven’t received login instructions to upload your material, create a new support ticket and request details.


  • Choose between a 1 Song3 Song5 Song10 Song or 12 Song mixing package.
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