Roland MV 8000 & MV 8800 Sounds

Roland MV 8000 & MV 8800 Sounds

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Since the Roland MV Series has a complex file system, MPC 2000 and MPC 2000xl sounds import perfectly into the MV 8000 / MV 8800 and make expanding your MV sounds simple. Get more information about how to import MPC sounds into the MV 8000 at the kb category: How to Load GotchaNoddin Sounds. When using the download option, MV 8000 sounds will not play on the computer. You must first convert the snd files to wav files in the MV8000 before able to play back on a computer.

To order Roland MV 8000 sounds or MV 8800 sounds, choose the ‘MV 8000’ option under ‘Format’ and the ‘Shipping’ CD-ROM ($2) or Download Option (instant download) when checking out. Get special package Hip Hop Sample CDs, Reggaeton Sample CD, Latin Sample CD, Drum Sample CD under the ‘Special Price Sounds’.

Sound kits that feature 128 sounds will typically contain 2 patch files: 1: Drums (64) 2: Effects (32), Instruments (32). Addon Collections typically feature 96 samples spread across 2-3 patch files. Sound kits featuring 64 sounds will contain 1 patch file.

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