Steinberg Halion Sounds

Steinberg Halion Sounds

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Halion Sounds are pre-programmed in the Halion .fxp format. The Halion Samples also include the Native Instruments Kontakt .nki patch files, Logic EXS 24 .exs patch files and Native Instruments Battery .kit patch files. The instrument Wav Samples do not contain patch files.

To order Steinberg Halion Samples, choose the ‘Halion’ option under ‘Format’ and the ‘Shipping’ CD-ROM ($2) or Download Option (instant download) when checking out. Get special package Hip Hop Sample CDs, Reggaeton Sample CD, Latin Sample CD, Drum Sample CD under the ‘Special Price Sounds’.

Sound kits that feature 128 sounds will typically contain 2 patch files: 1: Drums (64) 2: Effects (32), Instruments (32). Addon Collections typically feature 96 samples spread across 2-3 .fxp patch files within Steinberg Halion. Sound kits featuring 64 sounds will contain 1 patch file.

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