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-Introduction and in depth view on the leading industry standards of hardware/software samplers, sound modules, keyboards, drum machines, and VST instruments Including but not limited to:
Hardware: Akai MPC, Korg Triton, Yamaha Motif, Alesis QS, Creamware & More.
Software: Reason, GigaStudio, Acid, Halion, Battery,
Kontakt, & More.

-All you need to know about sampling.

-Editing, editing, and more editing - An in depth view on unlocking your midi, audio, and sampling tools to work to their maximum capabilities.

-Instrumentation: When to use and when not to use different sounds/instrumentation in productions.

-Combining engineering tricks to phatten your productions.

-Popular methods, production styles, and techniques - Developing your own style.

-Songwriting development; how understanding song structures brings even more value to producing the right track for the right artist.

-What next? In depth view on the music business and getting started independently.
-Complete project studio assessment including price quotes for purchasing.

-Internship to apply training to a new project, current project, or further training per students discretion.

-Unlimited phone & email support after completing courses.

Every time technology advances, it opens up another style/method of producing music. The more a producer can stay on the cutting edge of technoloogy, the more valuable a producer can be by making phatter tracks in less time with tighter sounds.

A.) Beginning: Engineering & Setting up your own Studio
B.) Intermediate: Engineering, Midi Production, & Making Beats
C.) Advanced: Songwriting, Production Styles, Mixing, Mastering, & More
D.) Studio Gear:Tired of Reading Manuals? Unlock the Full Potential of your Studio Gear
E.) Customized Package: Make your own unique blend of training in one easy package!
F.) Internship: Students considered for Intership positions upon course completion

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