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Check out the Hot Sounds from GotchaNoddin for yourself. Don’t take our word for it, Download Free Motif Samples and read our client’s testimonials below.

Choose from over 13GB of different style Motif Samples
Download High Definition Mastered Sounds
Pre-Programmed for your Yamaha Motif Sampler

Get Free Motif Samples, Motif Sounds, Motif drum samples Pre programmed for the Yamaha Motif, Yamaha Motif ES, Yamaha Motif XS and available on CD, Zip or Download. If you like the FREE SOUNDS, consider investing in one of the Motif Sounds!

  • Free MPC Drum Sounds


This FREE Sound Collection contains samples from all of 7 of the GN Drum Kit Collections and are pre-programmed for the Yamaha Motif.

All free free drum sample orders will be completed and available to download within 24 hours. Just add them to your cart, complete your order and download them for free!

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To get these sounds working all you need is winzip or stuffit installed. Just download the files, unzip them, and your ready to roll!

Get Winzip (2.3Mb): Free Yamaha Motif Sounds Get Stuffit (11.7Mb ): Free Yamaha Motif Sounds



“Nothing but the best sounds and great music knowledge!” 
-Tavares Askew, Sheppard AFB, TX

“It’s All HooD wit “Gotcha Noddin” Samples loaded in your Machines. My boiz was over at tha crib ya know havin a Jam session an they said “Damn them samples iz HOT & CRISP”! Of course they wanted some….So I didnt hate on that and I put them on to this site. Now I Got their Heads Noddin too!!! Keep doing Your thang! -EmergeX, MV8800

“Best website i’ve been to for sounds!”
– Ryan McClendon, Milwaukee,WI

“You have one of the best sounds on the net!”
-Mike Jones, Decatur, GA

“ is the first website that I downloaded sounds from when I first got my MPC.I find them to be informative and always on the cutting edge of providing quality sounds” – Chris J. 
Equipment: Akai MPC 2500,Roland Juno G,Pro Tools LE 7.0,Waves Diamond,Reason 4.0,Korg Legacy Digital Edition.


“A producer’s best friend is the guy who creates the patches, kits and sounds for us. Thank you for all you do. GOTCHA!!!!”

-Jmac aka SoulTouch. Recent placement MTV/MTV2’s “Punked”

“I have previously purchased sounds kits from you guys and they bang! Love the sound quality! Keep banging on them drums!”
-Gerardo Garcia, Camarillo, CA

“You guys ROCK! I’m a customer and very glad I am!
Sounds are incredibly clean!”
 -John Romie, Columbia, SC


“Gotchanoddin reason refills are the best sounds
i’ve heard thus far!”
 -Tim Moore, Detroit, MI

“Ear bleedingly high quality samples, that will shatter your grandma’s glasses!! I always recommend people bite on a piece of leather when listening to beats made from your samples so they don’t break thier teeth.” -Michael Demetriou, Melbourne,Victoria,Australia

“I am so happy with this website, I never thought that I would find someone dedicated to providing there clients with sounds specially formated for their individual equipment, thank yous again!!!”
-Jose Gomez, Amsterdam NY

“Great sounds well worth paying the price”
-Jason Lee, Phoenix, AZ

“I like that you have the most up to date sounds for my motif and reason” -Joe Olivas; Albuquerque,NM

” This site has profesional sounds. Can’t find better sounds anywhere on the web except here” -Alex, Yakima,WA

 – Broderick Jackson; Greensboro,NC

“Love what you guys are doing service is an absolute 10!”
James Nared; Pensacola FL.

“Love the sounds, very good quality, i’m always looking for good riffs and such to chop up and use, but I have been even more impressed by your customer support, you really take the time to make sure your customers are happy and that is what customers will remember, continue to do what you do!
-SaintJoe; Topeka, KS


“GN has got to be the best place for sound kits. I have many and continue to support. Real recognize real! It has been very helpful to me knowing that these sounds are ready for production right out the DL (box). The faster I make a beat, the quicker my MC\’s can rip the mic. Stand up Rhode Islands Phinest! (R.I.P.)”
-Gary Sanborn, West Warwick, RI

“ makes me realize that you guys bring the supplies that will help me make the fire!” 
-Casey Sherrell; Kelso, WA

“Because of GN’s kits, the first song i attempted to make had a customer wanting to buy the song before it was anywhere near complete. Their kits have allowed me to do more than just one style of hip hop and now im able to R&B with no problem. These sounds just might be the best on the net. Thanks GN!”
-Ahmad Hosein
Equipment: MPC1000, FL Studio, Cool Edit Pro

“This is the only site I’ve seen without outdated ‘straight up whack ass’ Loops and sounds. U guys stay current and don’t have sounds that belong in a video from 1993!” -Marquis Tidwell, San Diego, CA

“ is a great website providing vital sounds and information for the serious producer!”
-Ski Blanchard, Southfield, MI

“Found out about you online and keep doing what you do cause it helps up and coming producers!!!” 
-Alain-C Marcellus, New York, NY


“Great program! I’ve had nothing but success with this training. When I first started this training I couldn’t even get around my computer. I am now halfway through the course and am already producing hot tracks, recording artists in my town, and this is only halfway through the training! This course is one of the best investments I’ve ever made and it has been SO much more affordable than the other schools I researched. The training has made it possible for me to fulfill my dream of being a producer/engineer. Thanks Blue Sound Studios & Gotcha Noddin for all your help!” 
-Wil Irizarry- Equipment: Cubase Se, Reason, M-Audio midi controller, KRK Rockit 8

“The class was great! I really learned a lot to perfect my craft of making a beat from start to finish including mixing and mastering the track with vocal production!”
-Namiah Williams
mpc 2000xl, korg triton extreme

“A heavy selection of sublime sounds covering several genre of music plus the added bonus of multiple hardware and software sampler format support……. breathe life into your drumtracks with GN – GREAT!!!” -Alex, UK

“These are great….and hassle free with no complications guaranteed to keep you noddin…”
-Kendas McClanahan, Natchitoches, LA

“I downloaded your free sounds and they had me Noddin as soon as I started to program them in my MP, can’t wait to order me some” -Luis Rivera, Freeport, IL

“The sounds I hear over here are knockin’ Makes me want to chill over here instead of M***** cuz buying there kits made me look like boo-boo the fool, lol. Keep up the good work!” -Dre, Phelan, CA

“Foreal if you can’t rub these beats together and make something, you just aint made for this s***! Best sounds in the south, hell east, west, and north too! Got me Noddin!” 
-Roderick Hargrove SR, Stone Mountain, GA


“These are the best sounds on the net!”
-Shelton Mack, Philadelphia, PA


“I am too pleased with my purchase. The sounds are clean and are a nice addition to my library! You guys will be receiving alot more purchases from me and the support is excellent. Almost instantly..Keep it up!!!”
-Duncan Forbes, Brooklyn, NY

“Quality sounds, especially the strings kit…slamming!”
-Paul Bassett, London, UK

“Gotcha Noddin got the hotness! The sounds are full not tinny and they always represent with each kit. Every payday I\’m gonna mos def Holla atcha! 
-C7 Philadelphia, PA

“I have been using a friends mpc and he has the dirty south sound package and i have made some of the hottest beats with it . So im here to purchase some of my own!” -Jason Lee, Phoenix, AZ

“I came across this site after looking at many others and I’m pleased with the easy layout to view samples and such. keep up the great work I’ll be looking forward to purchase some beats. Thanks!” -Ralf Lar’n, Broken Bow, Oklahoma

“I love your site its a cool way to get some the new hottest sounds!
” -Kyle Simmons

“Man, where do i begin? this site has summa the sickist sounds in wav form i’ve heard to date, pimp’n… i’m in love no doubt!” -Mike Fire Starta Shaw, Houston TX

“I definently learned alot from ‘how do I compress a kick drum’ newsletter. I got the email, read it and immediatly introduced what I learned into my production this very hour Thanks!” -Eric Seymore, Manchester NH

“Best site so far that i have come across with a wide range of sounds and samples to use. Site provides everything for a producer to produce that industry sound!”
-Inez Benson, Chicago IL

“I came across this site after looking at many others and I’m pleased with the easy layout to view samples and such. keep up the great work I’ll be looking forward to purchase some beats. Thanks!” -Ralf Lar’n, Broken Bow, Oklahoma

“I love your site its a cool way to get some the new hottest sounds!” -Kyle Simmons

“Man, where do i begin? this site has summa the sickist sounds in wav form i’ve heard to date, pimp’n… i’m in love no doubt!”
-Mike Fire Starta Shaw, Houston TX

“I definently learned alot from ‘how do I compress a kick drum’ newsletter. I got the email, read it and immediatly introduced what I learned into my production this very hour Thanks!” 
-Eric Seymore, Manchester NH

“Gotcha noddin drumz iz the truth keepin the net blazin with fresh hip hop sounds! those down south pianos are the truth yall stop sleeping dees boys got that raw!!!” -Roderick Taylor, Houstin TX
Equipment: korg tr61, reason3, battery2, recycle2.1,
cubase sx 2.2

“I searched around the internet for information on how to use the MPC 1000. I’ve bought books, asked in forums and then I came across “” and their training packages. I sent them an email requesting more information, and received a phone call the same day. The training package was customized to me and my needs in the studio. Not only did my trainer cover the MPC 1000, he also covered how to use it and other tools efficiently in my studio. There was a lot that I “thought” I knew, but my trainer opened my eyes to a whole new light. He was great and I would defiantly recommend him to others in need of guidance. THANKS!” Orlando Robinson “Squalley”
Equipment: Korg Triton Pro, MPC 1000, Cubase SX3, Reason 3

“I’ve been to all kind of music beat sites but is without question hands down the best ever! Keep doing what ya’ll doing cause i’m always listening and buying!”
-Rob Lee-Kendrick, River Hills WI

“The sounds that I’ve gotten from you guys are bannanas, they have improved my track quality 200 fold, I highly recommend you all the time!!!” -Jeff White, Charlotte NC

“I Got some krazy sounds from here, I keep on checkin’ back! I’ll Be Famous Cuz Of Them!” -A Sauce, Riverside CA

“These are some of the tightest grooves I have heard in a while……” -Joe Clark, Fort Worth TX

“The variety of sounds and over-all quality of the products is amazing! Always the first place i look for new sounds!”
Nick Luscombe; Halfiax, Nova Scotia

“I love these sounds. They are perfectly crisp and clear and go along well with any drums I put them over!”
-Antoine McGhee, Tallahassee FL

“GotchaNoddin is the Truth!!! Has every sound to fit your Hip Hop needs!” -Jason Blair, Tulsa OK

“I have been buying from your company for years and it makes a different using your sounds compared to your competitors!” -Timothy Bias, Fort Washington MD

“The site is phat no improvements needed and the loopz and drumz are on point!!!” -Roderick Taylor, Houston, TX

“This is the best sound site I have been on ever!” 
-Emmett, Ashbury Park

“Hey guys once again i ordered some various percussion to help full out the sounds that my clients are always asking for and the set was amazing. We do high end post production here and sometimes cant get a session play in right away but your samples always leave me feeling confident in the sequence and the artist more than happy that the additional fees of a session player was not needed to fill out there mix. You guys keep making the sounds and i will keep buying them! Loyal customer”
-Jason Rodgers C.E.O SonicLabs Audio

“Ya’ll pretty much touch base wit everything i need for a hot track…if people buys these beats and cant squeeze at least 1 hot track out…they aint built for the bizness ~1~” 
-Sharrell, Saint Paul, MN

“Everything i get from you goes into every show and track i make for someone. Keep em comin!” -Pat Kessee, Brandon, MS

“I am a frequent customer on your website I must say that I am extremely pleased with your drum samples. They are amazing!”James Daniels, Providence, RI

“This site is the ish every sound you need to make a hit song it is right here on this site!” – Alex, Wakema, WA

“I have puchased sounds from GN and you can hear what i did on VOICEZ/DEF JAM artist KINFOLK’s up comming release,THE REAL CHOPPA’S “COMMIN BACK HOME” release on Bodyhead Ent.I will continue to purchase sounds from GN, SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY GOT THE GOODS !!” – TIMMY FINGERZ, Pensicola, FL


“Have purchased the R&B vol1 and addon refills and love them to death! Will be purchasing the Motif Drum refill and the R&B Vol. 2 refill in the near future.” -Devon Meachum, Houston, TX

“Gotcha Noddin has some seroius sounds… I’m purchasing some more soon.. This is where you can step up your game!”
-Larenzo Cooley, Minneapolis, MN

“I have already purchased some sounds here before and is the only place i will ever shop online. I do hip-hop and these high quality sounds “fit da bill” for REAL!!”
-Royce Brown, Jacksonville, FL

“I purchased reggaeton ultra vol.3 from u guys! and i love it! thanks to you guys your the best!” -Joel Roque, Homestead, FL

“I have bought almost if not all my sounds from your guys, ya’ll come out with the newest and tightest sounds out for cheap. And now I want to up my game and get the 50 cent kit, and see what kind of mayhem I can unleash. Thanks!”
-Jeff, Sacramento, CA

“I’m very impressed with the quality and usefullness of these kits! This is one of the best sites for sounds that give that true hip hop flava!” -Terry “dj tap” Aikerson
Equipment: mpc 2000xl, kurzweil k2000, roland xp-30, electrix filter

“Let me just say WOW! You guys have a great selection and premium sounds. I have bought from many many sources online but have never been truly satisfied with my money to quality of amount of samples ratio and you guys exceeded my expectations! You have just got another loyal customer and I will recommend you to all my fellow mpc users!” -Jason Rodgers, Soniclabs Audio

“All of your kits are 100% fire – through & through!”
– Philo Sofi, S. Croix USVI

“These guys are the best at what they do and if you want to be the best jump on board with em! The samples are off the meter, customer service legendary, they go beyond the norm to help you out. Best oppurtunity I came accross in a long time!”
-LC Shelton, Arizona
Equipment do you use: Cubase SX3, Reason 3.0, Yamaha Keyboard, and a few others.

“Thank you! Fast response! great service and great sounds, keep doin’ what you do!”
-Sonny Black

“I love your sound as you can see. I purchased 5 kits from you. Also your quality kits and samples have made my music sound a lot more professional. Thanks Gotchanoddin!”
-John Henry, Benton Harbor, Michigan

“You guy’s sounds are off the chain!” -Cecil Ford, Long Beach, Ca

“Nice sounds, up to date, fits well with modern production!”
-Te J, Vancouver, BC

“I had purchased from GN and So***crafting. I must say that my GN sounds came in only 1 card where the others took 3 flash cards. I always go to that one GN card when I need a sound. All of the sounds are well eq’d and never disappoint. From now on I’m goin to GN for any sounds I may need.
Thanks GN!”
 -Jeffrey White, Charlotte, NC.

“Love the GotchNoddin Sounds, Got amazing results with the Southhop Pianos and Synth kits. Quality samples!”
-Paul Bassett; London

“To me this site has the best selection of sounds to choose from compared to other sites I’ve been to!” 
-Trev Hamilton; Atlanta, Ga

“yal got some hot sound sets!” -Marcus; Goodfellow AFB, TX

“love your sight!” -Tosh; Brisbane, Australia

“Sounds are hot, got my motif and reason blaziing!” 
-Don Richardson; Raleigh,NC

“I am very pleased with the sounds that i have purchased from this site.” -Jeremy Adams; Riverside, California

“We got the industry standard mastering for one of our artist’s albums (Brainwavezz-From Dah Streets 2 Dah Church). The online uploading was quick and easy, all phone and e-mail customer service was first rate with quick and detailed responses, and the entire mastering process turn around time was even faster. Gotchanoddin will master your songs just as you wish and let you sample them before finalizing everything. Their prices are very affordable for even the tightest budgets and the quality is top notch. The results after the mastering added unbelievable life to songs that were already full of energy. All music and vocal sounds were clearer than you could imagine. These results were even achieved on mixes that already had a “mastered sound” to the average ear. No matter how good your recordings are, get your songs mastered by Gotchanoddin. It could mean the difference between your songs getting noticed (and CDs selling) by industry professionals or not” -Gospel Rhymes Records, LLC

“this biz is my heart and its finally time to get it poppin.Its good to know that while im just gettin my feet wet in this biz, I can get the sounds i need without having to go through all the plugins in protools to get the suck ass drums to sound descent. Thanks for makin it ez…” -D Jay, Carmel, NY

“crazy sounds! drums and instruments hottest anywhere! spend your last pennies its worth it!” 
-Steve Griff; Equipment: MPC2000xl, Motif

“I use GN b/c the sounds are phat and original. I’m always gonna be a loyal customer!” -Darrayl Miles; Clermont, FL

“I really like the sound of gotchanoddin.. professional Drum Kits for easy and quick use!” -Florian Grummes; Munich Germany

“I love your samples…way better than M** for the price!” -John Page; San Marcos, TX

“Tha best sounds and service with high quality. good staff and centers their work around tha users need!” -Harlon K Pete

“I think your site is great, I like the fact that you guys provide up to date sounds for samplers, to keep the music industry up to date. From Reggaeton to east coast the quality of sounds you provide are excellent!” -James Quintana; Denver CO

“what more can i say… GOTCHA NODDIN! I started Audio Production from GROUND ZERO. I have purchased beats and taken classes from GN. TOP HONORS. I made a life decision between going back to get my masters in Audio Production or getting great Hands On Training from the GN School. I chose GN after interviewing both on what I would get from the courses. All I have to say is that their instructors are very detail, in depth training and great to work with. I WOULD TRULY RECOMMEND GOTCHA NODDIN! A 5 Star Program and Beat Site!!! Gotcha Noddin… THANKS!” -Minxx; Atlanta, GA
Equipment: CubaseSX, Yamaha Motif, MPC1000, Digi002, Reason

“Gotchanoddin is tha Sh*t!!! Not only do they have great sounds, but they have a patient and helpful staff! Check em out! You won’t be dissapointed!” -Stevie Below; Desoto, TX
Equipment: MPC 1000, Roland W-30, Roland Jv-1080, Roland 1880 and Pro-tools.
Production Credits and Artists: YoungBleed, Lil Webbie, Lil Boosie, Master P, Mercedes, UGK, Pimp C, and a bunch of other regional artist.

“Your sounds are off the chain, Gotcha noddin keeps me working!” – Luis Rivera; Freeport, IL

“Your sounds are great!”
-Pavel Kutscherauer; Havirov, Czech Republic

“i truley love your sound kits it makes it so much easier when you guys put them on compact flash that really saves a whole lot of time! just pop in & bang beats out how ingenious!” 
-Marion Porter; Washington DC. Equipment: MPC 1000

“i purchased a gn kit and it step my game up jus like that im beatin em up!” -Corbin Lockridge; Upland, CA

“The sounds from Gotcha are hot! I’ll recommend anyone looking for sounds to check out” 
Henry Moland; Stockton, CA

“this is the best site for sound!” -Troy Burgess; Philadelphia, PA

“This website gives me the sounds I need to step my game up in the production Industry!” J.Rich; Lauderhill, FL

“I think that your sounds are the best!” -Usher Benjamin; France


“Keep up the good wook yall got the world noddin! keep it hot h-town!” -Joe; Houston, TX

“Being a female tryin to get in the game and not knowing any other producer i ran across this site bought the r&b sounds and i tell u i will make this the site to purchase my sounds from now on!” -T.Ann; Philadelphia, PA

“I love Yall!” -Eugene Bibbs; Atlanta, GA

“I just got done with a training session from GN and I have nothing but good things to say. I was having trouble getting started with some of the features on my MPC1000 and GN technical support helped me sort through some of the technical sludge that had been slowing me down. Plus they provided me with some good tips on how I could work smarter and make the whole process a lot more of a creative experience. If I hadn’t gotten the help I got from GN I’d probably be wheeling through my MP’s interface and scratchin’ my head for god knows how long. Y’all are doin’ good things and I really appreciate the help!”
-Jonathan Pippenger
Equipment: MPC 1000/Pro Tools/Reason/Ableton Live

“Quality Sounds!” -Darvis Whitehead; Tallahassee, FL

“Love the soundz hi hearing. Im A proucer who dont like to do a lot of tweakin and these sound need no tweaking!” -L-HOLLO
Equipment: MPC4000

“You guys got some hot sounds!” -Graham; W. Chesterfield, NH

“I just want to say that I purchase some gotcha noddin samples and they are great!” -Chauncey Denham; Tokyo, Japan

“Keep doin’ whatcha do! Your samps are some of the best that are out there…They add that extra “Unhh” to my arrangements. One!” -Tony Thomas; Philly, PA

“Gotcha Noddin has all the sounds Im looking for. Thanks for being #1 in tight samples!” -Malo Lawson; Benicia, CA

“I found the sounds here to be the illest. I first downloaded the free sounds, then made my first purchase shortly after. Also, when I placed my first Paypal order, they accidently sent the wrong file. Once I alerted them of this, they sent me the new file (download version) the same day. Now that’s service! I didn’t expect the replacement files until the next day. Phat sounds and fast customer service…I’m sold!” -Darrayl Miles
Equipment: MPC1000, Reason, M-Audio Oxygen, Zoom StreetBox

“I bought the vintage dre and the horn hits, drums and perc. fx are big! I am definitely going to be a loyal customer. this is quality sh#$! and your sounds are the best sounds i have gotten online. keep up the quality!” -Steve Griff
Equipment: MPC2000xl and Motif

“I tried some of your free downloads and I was impressed. I usually get my sounds from b*****beats or sometimes from mpc******.com but your free downloads sounded better than some of the kits I bought, can’t wait to buy some from you. thanks” -Luis Rivera

“The training I’m getting from Gotchanoddin is great. I’m taking my training via phone, and its great. They really know what they’re talking about and make you feel really comfortable. The training is very understandable, and it doesn’t make you feel stupid or don’t know what you want in life. If anyone is having trouble understanding their equipment, or anything w/their music, is the place to come. The first time I visited their web site, I got a good feeling from it. Not only is the training great, but if you need sounds or beats, their music library is the best I heard, and trust me, I been on alot of different web sites, and nothing grabbed me like this one. So, if you need beats or sounds, or you need training, give these guys a call or e-mail them and they WILL get back to you in a timely fashion (That’s what I liked). has it going on and they know their stuff. So stop thinking about it and just do the dam thing!…….Peace” -Erica Young
Equipment: MPC1000, Triton LE, and Yamaha AW16G digital recorder

“I was a new beat maker frustrated with waiting on others to make beats for me. I began training with gotchanoddin and learned how to be a producer, instead of just a beat maker. I believe this company can help you reach your dreams with making music. I would recommend this company to everyone I know. The training is very comprehensive and flexible. Give it a try, you wont be disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!” -Timeless
Equipment: MPC2000XL, Kurzweil K2VX, Reason, Cubase, Wavelab.

“gotchanoddin has the best selection of sounds hands down!” -Johnny Paradise

“The training sessions really helped me a lot. When I started I knew nothing about music or computers, but the one on one training played a huge part in me picking it up as fast as I did. There was absolutely no pressure. I was able to learn at my own pace in a comfortable environment and I was never left with unanswered Questions” -Aubrey Bruton
Equipment: Cubase SX, Reason

“Gotchanoddin’s library is full of top notch, industry-standard quality drums. Great variety as well!” -George Burrell
Equipment: PC, Various hardware synth keyboards & Racks (Roland XV & Fantom, EMU series)

“Keep doin yall thing because your sounds is helpin me out with my production a whole lot!” -Adam Mitchell
Equipment: MPC 2000XL & Ensoniq ASR-10

“The sounds yall have are crisp and have high quality. Anytime i’m in need of some new sounds I come to ya’ll first cause I know i’m going to get something different. Keep doing what you are doing!” -Daryl Cater
Equipment: Triton Le, Akai MPC1000, Yamaha CS2X, Pro Tools

“you guys are great. I will definately keep buying from yall! I will spread the word about how good your support line is too. Thank you so much!” -Shawn Craddick

“Dope sounds, ready to use without tweaking. If you dont have them you better get ’em!” -Moe Nice, Insomniactproduction, Equipment: Reason 3.0

“Can’t wait to go home and load those killer beats! Thanks also for the free sounds! Don’t you worry, I will keep noddin!” -Philippe Chaudre

“keep making those tight sounds!” -Eric Robinson

“I really appreciate the good customer service I will definitely spread the word and I am going to purchase something else right now! great customer service eventually I will have your whole catalog!” -Shawn Wiggins

“i just found your website the other night actually i found it looking up something else so i just believe everything happens for a reason…u know it was just God’s will…..i love the sounds the production the whole nine!” -anonymous

“you got great sounds to work wit mang, good ish!” -Ben Tooley

“I love your drums!” -Mike

“holy shyt those sounds are exactly what i was looking for! fuka m***** thank you for going that extra mile for a customer!” -// P|aTiNum_ //

“thanks a lot yo, yall r the best that does it no lie!”
-James Brewington

“I listened to that custom beat you sent me. PLATINUM PLATINUM PLATINUM! I Was speechless when I first heard it, its a must have! ”GOTCHANODDIN.COM”,  ATL’S NO. 1 RAP SOURCE!”
-Dave Roberson

“Yall got some hot sounds!” -William Lingham

“I’m feelin the website and the sounds! Keep on doin’ whatcha doin’. I will most definetely be a costant customer!” 
-Garry Richardson

“Thank you very much for all the help you have given me. P.S I REALLY LOVE YOUR SOUNDS THEY ARE THE BEST!” -Jermaine

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