Yamaha Motif

Yamaha Motif

Superb Sounding Voices—and Tons of Them
MOTIF was developed to be the best sounding synth on the market—period. Its astounding 85MB wave ROM (when converted to 16-bit linear format) contains many of the best waveforms from Yamaha’s highly acclaimed S80, 9000 Pro and EX Series synthesizers. Plus there’s a wealth of new and improved waves, including many of the drums from the brand new RS7000 Music Production Studio to give you the most complete range of sounds ever available in one keyboard. From incredibly realistic stereo acoustic instruments like pianos, drums, strings and brass to never-before- heard dance sounds and lush ambient textures, the breadth of MOTIF’s sonic palette is absolutely stunning. There’s even a convenient General MIDI set for playing back Standard MIDI Files. And with room for up to 3 Modular Synthesis Plug-in System expansion boards and advanced integration capabilities (all the voices for the PLG boards are already stored in MOTIF’s OS), MOTIF can expand as your needs grow.

Category Search Function
MOTIF features an improved Category Search function, giving you quick access to the sounds you want.Simply select a voice category, such as pianos or strings, and you’ll be able to browse through all the related voices one by one. A new Favorites category has been added, into which you can store the voices you use most.


Extensive Real-time Control
MOTIF sports four physical sliders and four physical knobs on its front panel, which work as 16 virtual knobs and 16 virtual sliders when used with the keyboard’s expanded real-time control functions. In any mode, you can readily edit the Reverb, Chorus, Pan, Cutoff, Resonance, Attack, Release and EQ as well as 4 user-assignable parameters. In Mix mode, these sliders and knobs work in conjunction with the Track Select buttons to give you all the capabilities of a 16 channel digital mixer. All this gives you total control over the keyboard’s internal sound, but MOTIF takes it one step further with its…

Real-time External Control Surface
For those who use popular software-based sequencers, MOTIF is a dream come true. By placing the unit in Remote Control mode, you’ll be able to control your favorite sequencing software, including Logic Audio, Cubase VST, Pro Tools and Cakewalk, right from MOTIF. Mute your tracks, control the sequencer transport, mix both MIDI and audio tracks with the keyboard’s knobs and sliders—all without ever picking up a mouse!

Interactive Arpeggiator
MOTIF’s newly designed arpeggiator lets you add even more expression to your playing. On top of an extensive range of rhythmic sequences, it also features “human” patterns such as the strumming of a guitar or the trilling of a flute. Instead of trying to duplicate these performances with complicated algorithms, MOTIF creates them by using real MIDI data recorded by real musicians. There’s even a velocity window, which opens up unprecedented possibilities; for example, while playing a lead guitar voice, you could trigger a sampled MIDI guitar phrase on the fly by hitting a key hard. And because the arpeggiator is integrated into MOTIF’s system, you can easily include arpeggio performances into your sequences and even import new arpeggios from Standard MIDI files.


At the heart of MOTIF is its Integrated Sampling Sequencer, which seamlessly combines the audio and MIDI recording processes, giving you unprecedented freedom for creating music. The sequencer component of this system features both linear and pattern recording methods, including a standard Song Mode for recording MIDI and audio data in linear fashion from beginning to end (the way analog tape machines worked). With a 200,000 MIDI note capacity and a maximum total sampling memory of 6 minutes and 20 seconds in stereo at 44.1kHz (with two 32MB SIMMs installed), MOTIF can easily handle this linear production approach, which is popular with more traditional kinds of music. In this age of digital production, however, cutting and pasting different sections of music and audio (motifs) together is an integral part of the music making process. MOTIF has 4 unique features that simplify this process to expand your creativity like never before.

Pattern Mode
This mode lets you easily create the sections of your song (Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Breaks, etc.) as individual elements without having to decide on a final arrangement.

Integrated Sampling Sequencer
MOTIF has two distinct ways of recording audio phrases: Sample with Note and Slice with Sequence. Sample with Note is ideal if you simply want to add audio phrases to your song. In this mode, you can record vocal and guitar phrases directly into your sequence while listening to playback of any MIDI tracks you’ve already created. After recording the audio, the Integrated Sampling Sequencer will automatically create a sample voice, map it to the keyboard and put a MIDI note in the pattern at the appropriate time. If you would like to play the same audio phrase later in the song, you can simply trigger it with a MIDI note instead of having to sample it again and use up valuable sample RAM. When you make your final arrangement, your phrases will play back in perfect time. Slice with Sequence takes the Integrated Sampling Sequencer concept even further. In this case, when you record audio phrases, MOTIF will analyze the recorded audio, slice it into pieces (based on amplitude peaks and divisions of the beat) and then generate an extremely accurate MIDI sequence to perfectly re-trigger each of the pieces. This is the key to MOTIF’s seamless integration of audio and MIDI. Once this process has completed, you can change the tempo of your sequence without changing the pitch of the recorded audio, or use grids to change the clock, gate and velocity values of notes within a sampled drum loop, for example. Simply put, you have all the flexibility of MIDI with the accuracy and realism of audio.

Real-time Pattern Chain Record
Once you’ve recorded all your MIDI and audio parts, the fun really begins. You can arrange your song in real-time using MOTIF’s Section, Mute and Song Scene buttons to instantly hear the different possibilities. Even better, you can record these performances as Pattern Chains and then edit them with detailed event editing or convert them to linear song formats like SMF. If you’ve ever used a groove-oriented box such as the RM1x, you know how this hands-on approach to song creation and remixing can inspire new ideas.

Large Sampling Capacity, Wide Compatibility
MOTIF comes standard with 4MB of sampling memory and can be increased up to 64MB using affordable PC SIMMs for a maximum total sampling time of 6 minutes and 20 seconds (stereo, 44.1kHz). In addition to the Integrated Sampling Sequence functions, you can also import samples in AIFF and WAVE format. There are also comprehensive import functions for Akai S1000/S3000 and Yamaha A3000/A4000/A5000 samplers, including the ability to read sample maps and voice parameters. This instantly expands the sound library for MOTIF to hundreds of commercially available sample CD-ROMs.


Modular Synthesis Plug-in System Slots x 3
Unlike conventional synthesizer expansion systems, Yamaha’s Modular Synthesis Plug-in System lets you upgrade MOTIF with completely new synthesizer or sound processing “engines.” Each expansion board is equipped with a full-fledged synthesizer or digital effects processor, so not only do you get more sounds and effects, but also more polyphony and additional multi parts—without taking any processing power away from the keyboard itself. A diverse range of synthesizer expansion boards is already available, including analog physical modeling, FM synthesis, vocal harmony processing and more. MOTIF is equipped with 3 expansion slots, allowing you to customize it with the exact combination of synthesis you need—whenever you need it! The plug-in voice data of every PLG Series expansion board is already stored in the keyboard’s ROM, so you’ll have a great selection of additional sounds the moment you install any new plug-in board.

Built-in USB MIDI Interface
MOTIF is ready to connect to your iMac™ , G4 or newer G3 Macintosh® computer as well as any USB-equipped Windows® PC (Windows® 98 or later).

SmartMedia™ Card Slot
Easily store your samples on a SmartMedia ™ card and transfer them to your personal computer for editing. This storage method also makes it easy to save and load Standard MIDI Files.

Connect an external ZIP® , MO, or hard drive to MOTIF for easy storage of large amounts of sample data. Its newly designed SCSI interface provides the fast loading times expected by professional musicians.

Multi-Out Expansion Board
As an alternative to the mLAN board, the AIEB expansion board is also available, which gives you 6 assignable analog audio outputs as well as both optical and S/P DIF digital outputs.