MPC 1000 Instruments


Get all new Instrument Sounds for the AKAI MPC 1000. All Sounds are pre-programmed and ready to load with no hassle! Download the FREE MPC 1000 Sounds!
NOTE* All MPC Sounds ship with the Native .PGM MPC 1000 Format and can be shipped on Compact Flash, CD, Zip, Floppy or Download. To Order Sounds, Register above & add each item to your cart.

  • Pad Samples Vol.4

    Pad Samples Vol.4

Vol.4 Features 32 slow & fast attacking Pad Sounds. Adds a Darker, Airy, Metallic Style Pad Sounds to the Synth Pad Sample Series. Underground Hip hop, Darkwave, Industrial, Drum & Bass, and any other mood music styles.

  • Hip Hop String Samples

    GN - Hip Hop Strings A
    GN - Hip Hop Strings BGN - Hip Hop Strings CGN - Hip Hop Strings D

Ships Cellos, Violins, Violin Solos, Pizzicatos, Trills, Bass Pizzicatos, Bass Strings, Section Strings and Reverse Strings. Crispy High-End Strings for Hip Hop or any other style production!

  • Synth Samples

    Synth Samples

Ships 32 Thick & Crisp Synth samples. Features Sawtooth, Square, Sine Synth Sounds for Hip hop, House, Trance, Drum & Bass, Reggaeton & More. Great for Synth Lead Riffs, Synth Bass lines, Dirty South Flava & More!

  • Bass Sounds

    GN - Bass Sounds A
    GN - Bass Sounds BGN - Bass Sounds CGN - Bass Sounds D

Ships with 68 Samples of Fretless, Electric, Mini Moog, Upgrights, Poly, Jupiter, SubBass, ResoBass, Organ Bass, Nord, Nord Lead, Lead, Synth, Slap, & Pop Basses. Boomin Basses & Slick Synth Basses for any style.

  • Hip Hop Guitar Samples

    GN - HipHop Guitars A
    GN - HipHop Guitars BGN - HipHop Guitars CGN - HipHop Guitars D

Ships Electric Stratocaster, Electric Strat Mutes, Acoustic, 12-String Acoustic Guitar, & Harmonics, Nylon Guitar & Harmonics, Nylon & Steel Strng Fret Scrapes, & Guitar Synths.

  • Horn Samples

    GN - Horn Samples A
    GN - Horn Samples B

Ships with 60 Samples of Alto, Tenor, Baritone Saxaphone, Horn Sections, Brass Bass, Synth Brass, Trombones, Trumpets, Trumpet Mutes, Tuba, French Horn, & Horn Riffs. Thick & Crispy Horns for any style.

  • Pad Samples Vol.1 Soundtrack Style

    Pad Samples Vol.1 Soundtrack Style

Features 40 Thick Pad Samples including Slow Pads, Airy Pads, Vocal Ahh Pads, Brass Pads, String Pads, Ambient Pad Sounds & more. Kit is designed to add ambient & layered textures for flava or bring a sound track feel to the mix.

  • Pad Samples Vol.2

    Pad Samples Vol.2

Pads Vol.2 Features 32 Crisp Pad Samples & contains fast attacking pad samples including synth pads, brass pads, string pads, and various synth pad effects. Great for warmth & adding depth to any style track.

  • Pad Samples Vol.3

    Pad Samples Vol.3

Vol. 3 of the Synth Pad Sample Series Features 32 additional Slow Pad Samples including Soft Synth Pads, Bright Synth Pads, Moving Synth Pads & more. Great Seasoning for Slow Pad Melodies, Warm Undertones on any style beat.

Get Gritty Southern Piano & EP Flava! The South Hop Pianos are pre-programmed to load as 32 individual piano patches or 4 Patches/Samples to each Pad Bank at once.


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