MPC 4000 Downloads


Get Utilities to download GN Sounds, GN Manuals, & MPC Manuals in .PDF format. Also for dial-up users, download accelerator programs to resume large file size downloads.

GN MPC 4000 Loading Instructions

Not sure how GN’s Sound Collections work? Check the GN MPC 4000 Loading Instructions and if you still have questions, feel free to contact us.

MPC 4000 Loading Instructions

MPC 4000 Manual

Operator’s manual and Reference Manual.

Operators Manual (711kb): MPC 4000 Downloads

MPC 4000 Operating System 1.71

Get the MPC 4000 OS 1.71

Operating System (711kb): MPC 4000 Downloads

MPC 4000 Ak.Sys program

Get Ak.Sys 2.53, the current USB Driver, 1.71 OS update, and OS Loader all in one download!

MPC4000 Drivers (4.9mb): MPC 4000 Downloads


Winzip 9.0 – You’ll need Winzip to open all compressed files & docs for a PC. Get Winzip (2.3Mb): MPC 4000 Downloads

Aladdin Stuffit Expander 8.5 – You’ll need Stuffit to open all compressed files & documentation for a MAC. Stuffit Expander will also open .zip files from PC. Get Stuffit (11.7Mb ): MPC 4000 Downloads

Adober Acrobat Reader 6.0 – You’ll need Acrobat Reader to view all GN & Triton Manuals. PC (420kb) MPC 4000 Downloads | MAC (972kb) MPC 4000 Downloads

GetRight & Download Accelerator – For Dial-Up Users, we recommend using GetRight or Download Accelerator to resume large file size downloads.
More info on Download Accelerator HERE.
More info on Get Right HERE.

Download GetRight 5.10 (2.9Mb): MPC 4000 Downloads Get D/L Accelerator 7.1: MPC 4000 Downloads