MPC Sounds

  • Dirty South Sounds


Get the latest Dirty South Sounds which feature Custom Samples from Lil Jon, Outkast, & Ludacris Tracks and includes the Heavy Kick & Synth Sounds that give Dirty South Production its Name.

  • East & West Coast Sounds

Get Custom East Coast Sounds Inspired by Jay-Z, Jadakiss, & DMX and Custom West Coast Sounds Inspired by Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, & Xzibit. 64 Drums, 32 Efx/Hits, & 32 Chop Shopped Guitar, Piano, & Synth Phrases.

  • Midwest Sounds


Get MidWest Sounds which feature Custom Samples from Kanye West, Nelly, Twista & includes Punchy Kicks, Stacked Snares, Drums, Smooth Mid West Instrument Progressions, & Chopped & Pitched Voice Samples.

  • Reggaeton Sounds

Custom Reggaeton Sounds & Latin Sounds Inspired by PitBull, Lil Jon, Hector El Bambino, and Don Omar! Get the hottest New Sounds from this Fresh Up & Coming Underground Style from First!

  • Neo Soul & RnB Sounds

Get Custom Neo Soul Sounds & R&B Sounds Inspired by Tyrese, Maxwell, Alicia Keys, & Jagged Edge! From Old School to New School R&B & Neo Soul – Get the Sounds you Need Today!

  • UK Hip Hop Sounds

Bring U.K. endz to your flava! Inspired by the likes of Low Life Records, The Streets, Blade, Massive Attack, Blade, Groove Armada, Taskforce, & More. Get All New Drums, Effects, & Instrument Chops – UK Hip Hop Style!

  • Instrument Sounds

MPC Instrument Sounds pre-programmed to load like a keyboard in your MPC and MV 8000! Get Bass Samples, Strings Samples, Horn Samples, & HipHop Guitar Samples, Pad Samples and Synth Samples!

  • Drum Kit Sounds

Get New Hip Hop, TR808, TR909, Drum & Bass, & House Drum Kits for Your MPC! These Kits ship in the Native .pgm & .snd Akai MPC Formats and are available on Floppy Disk, Zip, CD, or Download Option

  • Motif Drum Kit Sounds

Get 85MB of Motif Classic Drums for the AKAI MPC 2000, MPC 2000xl, MPC 2500, MPC 500 and Roland MV 8000! Now you can produce tracks with Motif Classic Drum Kits on the MPC and Roland MV 8000!

  • Free MPC Sounds

Try MPC Sounds for FREE – Let us GetchaNoddin! You’ll Need Winzip/Stuffit to open these files.


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