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Get the latest MidWest Sounds and Midwest Samples
pre-programmed and ready to work with the STS 2000, STS 3000, STS 4000, or STS 5000 as soon as you load them up! NOTE* All GN Sounds ship in the Native Creamware .sts Sampler Format.
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Analog Tape Midwest Vol.2 Midwest Sounds
Creamware STS Sounds
Analog Tape Midwest Vol.2

UPC: 1MW2   $49.99
Recorded through analog tape machine, this kit ships warm & reminiscent sounds of the old school.

Inspired by artists like Twista and Common, these Midwest Sounds features 64 crunchy kicks, slamming snares and drums, assorted breaks & turns, 32 Effects, & 32 hittin' brasses, string progressions & synth lines. More
Listen to Midwest Sounds 2 Radio: [LOFI] Midwest Sounds [HIFI] Midwest Sounds

Midwest Vol.1 Midwest Sounds
Creamware STS Sounds
Midwest Vol.1

UPC: MW1   $49.99
Midwest Samples featuring Custom Samples Inspired by Kanye West, Nelly, & Twista. Ships 64 Punchy Kicks, Stacked Snares, & Drums, 32 Smooth MidWest Instrument Progressions, & 32 Chopped & Pitched Voice Samples. More
Listen to Midwest Sounds 1 Radio: [LOFI] Midwest Sounds [HIFI] Midwest Sounds

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