Creamware STS 3000 & Creamware STS 4000

Creamware STS 3000

STS 3000 & STS 4000
by Creamware

Professional DSP Samplers 

The DSP-based samplers in the STS series combine the ease-of-use of a software sampler and the performance of a hardware unit. They offer all of the features that one would expect from the most professional studio sampler – and even a good deal more.

Enjoy the sound of sampling with up to 32 bits at up to 96 kHz; compatibility with the biggest sample libraries available; lightning-fast loading/saving times; most extensive editing features… all very conveniently controllable from your computer monitor.

As conventional hardware samplers are cumbersome and expensive, and software-only solutions totally jam up your computer, the DSP samplers in the STS series are the ideal solution for professional and relaxed music production.

Creamware STS 3000

Editing Features 

The DSP-based samplers in the STS series combine the ease-of-use of a software sampler and the performance of a hardware unit. With a latency of only 1-2 ms, STS-4000 and STS-3000 outmatch conventional software solutions and have better timing than many hardware samplers.

The STS samplers offer all of the typical editing capabilities of professional studio samplers. In addition to the “standard” parameters, STS-4000/3000 programs include two LFOs, a tuning table and loads of other options. The filter section of the STS-4000 – with its 14 different filter types with resonance – provides a great potential for creative sound design.

Programs can be displayed and edited graphically via a series of hierarchically organized editing windows which offer access to a complete set of playback parameters. They include an extensive modulation matrix which can apply MIDI and internal modulation sources to filter, LFO, envelope and sample playback parameters – some of which can themselves serve as modulation sources!

Creamware STS 3000

The STS samplers also include a fully integrated graphical sample editor which lets you trim the sample or define loop points with sample-word precision. For convenient, fast and effective loop editing, the editor display can be split to provide simultaneous views of both the loop start and end points, even at maximum magnification. Of course, all editing operations can be carried out in real time, and response is immediate.

STS-4000 and STS-3000 organize sample libraries very comfortably on the computer’s hard disk. You don’t have to change sampling CDs all the time to load multiple sample programs. The STS samplers read and write samples in many common sample-formats: Akai S1000 & S3000, Soundfont 2, WAV and AIFF files are supported. Samples can also be loaded directly from the internal CD-ROM drive of the host computer.

Highlights at a glance:

• Stereo sampling with resampling function

• 16/24/32-bit sampling at 44.1/48/96 kHz

• Import/export formats: Akai S1000 & S3000, Soundfont 2, WAV, AIFF

• Filters with resonance: 14 resp. 3 different filter types (STS-4000/3000)

• Integrated graphical sample editor with extensive editing capabilities

• Keygroup editing, velocity switching, velocity crossfade

• 3 envelope generators, 2 LFOs, mute groups, modulation matrix

• 14 individual outputs (STS-4000) resp. 8 individual outs (STS-3000)

• Program Pool with up to 999 Programs, selectable via MIDI

• All important parameters controllable via MIDI controllers

• Samples loadable directly from CD-ROM / hard-disk of the PC/Mac

• Polyphony of up to 64 stereo voices

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