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Get all new Instruments for the Creamware STS sampler. All Sounds are pre-programmed and ready to work with the STS 2000, STS 3000, STS 4000, or STS 5000 as soon as you load them up! Download FREE Sounds for each of these Collections. NOTE* All GN Sounds ship in the Native Creamware .sts Sampler Format. To Order Sounds, Register above & add each item to your cart.

  • Pad Samples Vol.4

    Pad Samples Vol.4

Vol.4 Features 32 slow & fast attacking Pad Sounds. Adds a Darker, Airy, Metallic Style Pad Sounds to the Synth Pad Sample Series. Underground Hip hop, Darkwave, Industrial, Drum & Bass, and any other mood music styles.

  • Hip Hop String Samples

    GN - Hip Hop Strings A
    GN - Hip Hop Strings BGN - Hip Hop Strings CGN - Hip Hop Strings D

Ships Cellos, Violins, Violin Solos, Pizzicatos, Trills, Bass Pizzicatos, Bass Strings, Section Strings and Reverse Strings. Crispy High-End Strings for Hip Hop or any other style production!

  • Synth Samples

    Synth Samples

Ships 32 Thick & Crisp Synth samples. Features Sawtooth, Square, Sine Synth Sounds for Hip hop, House, Trance, Drum & Bass, Reggaeton & More. Great for Synth Lead Riffs, Synth Bass lines, Dirty South Flava & More!

  • Bass Sounds

    GN - Bass Sounds A
    GN - Bass Sounds BGN - Bass Sounds CGN - Bass Sounds D

Ships with 68 Samples of Fretless, Electric, Mini Moog, Upgrights, Poly, Jupiter, SubBass, ResoBass, Organ Bass, Nord, Nord Lead, Lead, Synth, Slap, & Pop Basses. Boomin Basses & Slick Synth Basses for any style.

  • Hip Hop Guitar Samples

    GN - HipHop Guitars A
    GN - HipHop Guitars BGN - HipHop Guitars CGN - HipHop Guitars D

Ships Electric Stratocaster, Electric Strat Mutes, Acoustic, 12-String Acoustic Guitar, & Harmonics, Nylon Guitar & Harmonics, Nylon & Steel Strng Fret Scrapes, & Guitar Synths.

  • Horn Samples

    GN - Horn Samples A
    GN - Horn Samples B

Ships with 60 Samples of Alto, Tenor, Baritone Saxaphone, Horn Sections, Brass Bass, Synth Brass, Trombones, Trumpets, Trumpet Mutes, Tuba, French Horn, & Horn Riffs. Thick & Crispy Horns for any style.

  • Pad Samples Vol.1 Soundtrack Style

    Pad Samples Vol.1 Soundtrack Style

Features 40 Thick Pad Samples including Slow Pads, Airy Pads, Vocal Ahh Pads, Brass Pads, String Pads, Ambient Pad Sounds & more. Kit is designed to add ambient & layered textures for flava or bring a sound track feel to the mix.

  • Pad Samples Vol.2

    Pad Samples Vol.2

Pads Vol.2 Features 32 Crisp Pad Samples & contains fast attacking pad samples including synth pads, brass pads, string pads, and various synth pad effects. Great for warmth & adding depth to any style track.

  • Pad Samples Vol.3

    Pad Samples Vol.3

Vol. 3 of the Synth Pad Sample Series Features 32 additional Slow Pad Samples including Soft Synth Pads, Bright Synth Pads, Moving Synth Pads & more. Great Seasoning for Slow Pad Melodies, Warm Undertones on any style beat.

Get Gritty Southern Piano & EP Flava!


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