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Sample CDs are created, phattened, and organized for you. Sample CDs are packed full of Drum Samples, Effect Samples, Riff Samples and more!

Drum Sample CDGet Battery Samples and Battery 2 Samples on CD-ROM or Download option. Get Battery Drum kits, Battery Drum Samples & Battery Sounds pre-programmed & ready to load in .kit format!


Drum Samples CDSGet the phattest sounds all made for you without having to sort them! Get the Full GN Drum Sample CD Vol1 (2,385 Samples) or get a Sample CD by genre – GN HipHop, Dance, R&B, or Live Drums with over 1,500 Samples!

Free SamplesTry GN Sounds for FREE – Let us GetchaNoddin!
You’ll Need Winzip/Stuffit to open these files.


Downloads, Drivers, & SupportCheck out demos of various software samplers available for use with our Sample CDs!



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