MPC 3000 Sounds

  • Dirty South Sounds

Get the latest Dirty South Sounds which feature Custom Samples from Lil Jon, Outkast, & Ludacris Tracks and includes the Heavy Kick & Synth Sounds that give Dirty South Production its Name.

  • East & West Coast Sounds

Get Custom East Coast Sounds Inspired by Jay-Z, Jadakiss, & DMX and Custom West Coast Sounds Inspired by Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, & Xzibit. 64 Drums, 32 Efx/Hits, & 32 Chop Shopped Guitar, Piano, & Synth Phrases.

  • Midwest Sounds

Get MidWest Sounds which feature Custom Samples from Kanye West, Nelly, Twista & includes Punchy Kicks, Stacked Snares, Drums, Smooth Midwest Instrument Progressions, & Chopped & Pitched Voice Samples.

  • Reggaeton Sounds

Custom Reggaeton Sounds & Latin Sounds Inspired by PitBull, Lil Jon, Hector El Bambino, and Don Omar! Get the hottest New Sounds from this Fresh Up & Coming Underground Style from First!

  • Neo Soul & RnB Sounds

Get Custom Neo Soul Sounds & R&B Sounds Inspired by Tyrese, Maxwell, Alicia Keys, & Jagged Edge! From Old School to New School R&B & Neo Soul – Get the Sounds you Need Today!

  • UK Hip Hop Sounds

Bring U.K. endz to your flava! Inspired by the likes of Low Life Records, The Streets, Blade, Massive Attack, Blade, Groove Armada, Taskforce, & More. Get All New Drums, Effects, & Instrument Chops – UK Hip Hop Style!

  • Instrument Sounds

MPC Instrument Sounds pre-programmed to load like a keyboard in your MPC 3000! Get Bass Samples, Strings Samples, Horn Samples, & HipHop Guitar Samples, Pad Samples and Synth Samples!

  • Drum Kit Sounds

Get New Hip Hop, TR808, TR909, Drum & Bass, & House Drum Kits for Your MPC 3000! These Kits ship in the Native .pgm & .snd Akai MPC 3000 Formats and are available on Floppy Disk, Zip, CD, or Download Option

  • Motif Drum Kit Sounds

Get 85MB of Motif Classic Drums for the AKAI MPC 3000! Now you can produce tracks with Motif Classic Drum Kits on the MPC3000!

  • Free MPC 3000 Sounds

Try MPC 3000 Sounds for FREE – Let us GetchaNoddin! You’ll Need Winzip/Stuffit to open these files.


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