Platinum Producer Package

Platinum Producer Package

platinum producer pack

Platinum Producer Package


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GN - Dirty South Vol.1 A
GN - Dirty South Vol.1 BGN - 50 Centz SoundsGN - Bass Sounds AGN - Bass Sounds BGN - Bass Sounds CGN - Bass Sounds DGN - Bario GrooveGN - Club Bangin KicksGN - HipHop2 Cream CGN - HipHop2 Cream DGN - Drum & Bass Vol.1 CGN - Drum & Bass Vol.1 DGN - Drum & Bass Vol.1 AGN - Drum & Bass Vol.1 BGN - Drum & Bass Vol.2GN - Dirty South Vol.2 AGN - Dirty South Vol.2 BGN - East Coast SoundsGN - Effects AGN - Effects BGN - Electro SamplesGN - EP & Bass AGN - EP & Bass BGN - Grimy Sound EffectsGN - Guitar Chop Shop Vol.1GN - Guitar Chop Shop Vol.2GN - HipHop Guitars AGN - HipHop Guitars BGN - HipHop Guitars CGN - HipHop Guitars DGN - HipHop1 Butta AGN - HipHop1 Butta BGN - HipHop1 Butta CGN - HipHop1 Butta DGN - HipHop2 Cream AGN - HipHop2 Cream BGN - HipHop3 HitPlay AGN - HipHop3 HitPlay BGN - HipHop3 HitPlay CGN - HipHop3 HitPlay DGN - Horn Samples AGN - Horn Samples BGN - House AGN - House BGN - House CGN - House DGN - Midwest Vol.1GN - Analog Midwest Tape Vol.2GN - Neptunez FlavaGN - Neo Soul SoundsGN - Opera Vocal SamplesGN - Pad Samples Vol.1GN - Pads Vol.2GN - Pads Vol.3GN - Pad Samples Vol.4GN - Triton Pianos AGN - Triton Pianos BGN - RnB SamplesGN - Future RnB Hip Hop SamplesGN - RnB RiffsGN - Reggaeton Dance Vol.1GN - Puerto Rico Reggaeton Vol.2GN - Ultra Reggaeton Vol.3GN - Reggaeton Vol.4GN - Reggaeton Drum LoopsGN - South Hop PianosGN - South Hop Piano RiffsGN - Pop & Soul VocalsGN - Soul VocalsGN - Hip Hop Strings AGN - Hip Hop Strings BGN - Hip Hop Strings CGN - Hip Hop Strings DGN - Synth SamplesGN - TR808 AGN - TR808 BGN - TR808 CGN - TR808 DGN - TR909 AGN - TR909 BGN - TR909 CGN - TR909 DGN - Trance Samples AGN - Trance Samples BGN - Urban ArpeggiosGN - UnderGround Hip HopGN - UnderGround HipHop SoundsGN - UK Hip HopGN - UK Hip Hop RiffsGN - Vintage Dre-TonezGN - West Coast Samples Vol.1


Save over $1,000 & get over 3GB of Samples and an additional 10GB of sounds on DVD not available on our site all at once – With the Platinum Pack you can forget about purchasing sounds and think about making music!

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Save over $1,000 & get over 3GB of Samples and an additional 10GB of sounds on DVD not available on our site all at once – With the Platinum Pack you can forget about purchasing sounds and think about making music!

Kits included: Future RnB Hip Hop, TimbElectro Opera Vocals Vol.3, Club Bangin Kicks Vol.1, Soul Vocals Vol.2, Pop & Soul Vocals Vol.1, Grimy Sound Effects Vol.1, Electro Samples Vol.1, Drum & Bass Vol.2, Trance Samples Vol.1.

Dirty South Vol.1&2, South Hip Piano Riffs, East & West Coast Vol.1, Guitar Chop Shop Vol.1&2, Midwest Vol.1, R&B Vol.1, R&B Vol.1 Addon, 50 Centz Vol.1, N3ptunez Flava, Underground Hip Hop Breakz Vol.1 & Addon kit, UK Hip Hop Vol.1 & addon kit, Vintage Dre-Tonez, Reggaeton Dance Vol.1, Puerto Rico Reggaeton Vol.2, Ultra Reggaeton Vol.3, Reggaeton Vol.4, Reggaeton Drum Loops Vol.1 & Barrio Groove.

Strings Vol.1&2, Bass Vol.1&2, Horns Vol.1&2, HipHop Guitars Vol.1&2, Synths Vol.1, Pads Vol.1,2,3,4

(7 GN Drum Kits) – Hip Hop 1 – Butta, Hip Hop 2 Cream, Hip Hop 3 Hitplay, TR808, TR909, House, Drum & Bass.

(19 Motif Classic Drum kits); AnalogT8, Big, Break, Drum & Bass, Electric, Garage, HipStick, HipHop 1, 2, 3, House, Human, Jungle, Power Standard, R&B 1 & 2, Rock Star, T9Hip, & Teckno Kits.

(62 Motif ES Drum Kits); Motif ES Bass Kicks 1-2, Dance Kicks, Dance Snares, Stereo Snares, Easy Snares, Hip Hop Drums Kits 1-6, RnB Drum Kits 1-3, Acid Drum Kit, Ambient Drum Kit, Arabic Drum Kit, Analog T8, Analog T9, Belly Dance Kit, Big Kit, Break Kit, Drum and Bass Kit, Distorted Drum Kit, Dry Standard, Garage Kit, Guitar Kit, Hand Drum Kit, Hard Kit, Hip Multi Drum Kit, Human Drum Kit, Hip Stick Drum Kit 1-4, Hyper Standard Drum Kit, Jazz Drum Kit, Jungle Drum Kit, Latin Percussion Drum Kit, Metal Bits Drum Kit, New Rock Drum Kit, Orchestral Kit, Percussion Drum Kit, Rock Mono 1-2 Drum Kit, Rock Multi Drum Kit, Rock Stereo 1-2 Drum Kit, Scratches Drum Kit, Sound Effects Drum Kit, Special Sound Effects Drum Kit, Syn Pop Drum Kit, Stereo GM Drum Kit, Synthetic Drum Kit, T9 Hip Drum Kit 1-2, Tekno Drum Kit, Wacko Drum Kit, Wood Bits Drum Kit.

This item is not available for instant download. Download links and additional free drum kits will be emailed with all orders for download.

The Platinum Producer Package is pre-programmed to load with the Akai MPC 500, Akai MPC 1000, Akai MPC 2000/XL/5000, Akai MPC 2500, Akai MPC 3000, Akai MPC 4000, Roland MV 8000/MV 8800, Reason Refills, Korg Triton, Yamaha Motif/ES/XS, Sonic Core STS Sampler and can be imported into the Roland Fantom Series Keyboards and the Roland MC-909 (with additional RAM installed).

When choosing the Wav format, the patch files to Native Instruments Battery, Kontakt, Apple Logic EXS 24, Steinberg Halion are included.


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