Instrument Sample Pack

Instrument Sample Pack

instrument sample pack

Instrument Sample Pack


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Instrument Sample Pack (gn_bass1.mp3)
Instrument Sample Pack (gn_bass2.mp3)Instrument Sample Pack (gn_bass3.mp3)Instrument Sample Pack (gn_bass4.mp3)Instrument Sample Pack (gn_guitar1.mp3)Instrument Sample Pack (gn_guitar2.mp3)Instrument Sample Pack (gn_guitar3.mp3)Instrument Sample Pack (gn_guitar4.mp3)GN - Horn Samples Vol.1&2GN - Horn Samples Vol.1&2 BInstrument Sample Pack (gn_strings1.mp3)Instrument Sample Pack (gn_strings2.mp3)Instrument Sample Pack (gn_strings3.mp3)Instrument Sample Pack (gn_strings4.mp3)


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Product Information
Save $20 on these collections & get over 200 All New Presets of Instrument Sounds!

This item is not available for instant download. Download links and additional free drum kits will be emailed with all orders for download.

Hip Hop String Samples
Includes 36 String Samples of Cellos, Violins, Violin Solos, Pizzicatos, Trills, Bass Pizzicatos, Bass Strings, Section Strings and Reverse Strings. Get Crispy High-End Strings for Hip Hop or any other stye production!

Bass Samples
Ships with 68 Bass Samples of Fretless, Electric, Mini Moog, Upgrights, Poly, Jupiter, SubBass, ResoBass, Organ Bass, Nord & Lead, Synth, Slap, & Pop Basses. Boomin Basses & Slick Synth Basses for any style productions.

Hip Hop Guitar Samples
Ships with 48 Guitar Samples of Electric Stratocaster, Electric Strat Mutes, Acoustic, 12-String Acoustic Guitar, & Harmonics, Nylon Guitar & Harmonics, Nylon & Steel String Fret Scrapes, & Guitar Synths.

Horn Samples
Ships with 60 Horn Samples of Alto, Tenor, Baritone Saxaphone, Horn Sections, Brass Bass, Synth Brass, Trombones, Trumpets, Trumpet Mutes, Tuba, French Horn, & Horn Riffs. Thick & Crispy Horns for any style.

This package is pre-programmed to load with the Akai MPC 500, Akai MPC 1000, Akai MPC 2000/XL, Akai MPC 2500, Akai MPC 3000, Akai MPC 4000, Roland MV 8000 and can be imported into the Roland Fantom Series Keyboards and the Roland MC-909 (with additional RAM installed). The Wav files can be imported into any hardware or software sampler and will need custom user programming (patch files are not included with the wav format) for other formats not listed.


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