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Get Free Samples when purchasing on of the Wav Sample Specials. Get more info on getting free sounds! 

These Wav Samples will import into any audio sequencer including Cubase, Nuendo, Fruity Loops, Logic Pro, Sonar, Pro Tools & more!

NOTE* All Sounds in the Wav Sample category include Native Instruments Battery .kit patch files, Kontakt .nki patch files, Logic EXS 24 .exs patch files and Steinberg Halion .fxp patch files and can be shipped on CD or Download. All Sounds are pre-programmed & ready to load – no hassle! To Order Sounds, Register above & add each item to your cart.

These items are not available for instant download. 
Download links will be emailed and a CD-ROM will also be shipped including the additional free drum kits.

Save $200 & get over 3,670 Samples all at once! Also get 300mb of free drum kits with this item!

This package includes the entire Sample Library!

Also, when purchasing the Platinum Producer Package, you also get this entire package in (1) one other format of your choice on CD-ROM or Download Option! Choose between MPC 1000, MPC 2000/XL, MPC 2500, MPC 3000, MPC 4000, Roland Fantom, Roland MV 8000, Reason, Creamware STS, Triton formats. Fill out the Platinum Producer Package form and get 2 full sample libraries for the price of one!

Save $55 & get 192mb & over 1,350 Samples! Also get 300mb of free drum kits with this item! Dirty South Sounds, South Hop Piano Riffs, East Coast & West Coast Sounds, Guitar Chop Shop, Midwest Sounds, R&B & Neo Soul Drums, Effects, Chops and Riffs.
Kits included: Dirty South Vol.1&2, South Hip Piano Riffs, East & West Coast Vol.1, Guitar Chop Shop Vol.1&2, Midwest Vol.1, R&B Vol.1, R&B Vol.1 Addon.

Get 125mb and over 825 Samples! Also get 300mb of free drum kits with this item! G-Unit and 50 Centz, Neptunes Style Sounds, Under ground Hip Hop Breakz Drums, Chops, UK Hip Hop Drums, Chops, and Vintage Dr Dre Style Sounds.

Kits Included: 50 Centz Vol.1, N3ptunez Flava, Underground Hip Hop Breakz Vol.1 & Addon kit, UK Hip Hop Vol.1 & addon kit, Vintage Dre-Tonez.

Get 57mb and get 448 Samples of Battery Reggaeton and Latin Sounds! Also get 300mb of free drum kits with this item!

Kits Included: Reggaeton Dance Vol.1, Puerto Rico Reggaeton Vol.2, Ultra Reggaeton Vol.3, & Barrio Groove.

Get 109mb and over 1,050 Samples – Also get 200mb of Drum Samples!

This package includes 7 GN Drum Kits – Hip Hop 1 – Butta, Hip Hop 2 Cream, Hip Hop 3 Hitplay, TR808, TR909, House, Drum & Bass and 19 Motif Drum kits; AnalogT8, Big, Break, Drum & Bass, Electric, Garage, HipStick, HipHop 1, 2, 3, House, Human, Jungle, Power Standard, R&B 1 & 2, Rock Star, T9Hip, & Teckno Kits

Save Money and get 7 GN Drum Kit Samples in one package! That’s 448 hip hop samples and Dance Samples for $12 less!

This Package includes Hip Hop 1 Butta, Hip Hop 2 Cream, Hip Hop 3 Hitplay, TR808, TR909, Drum & Bass, and House Drum Kits.

Save $20 on these collections & get over 200 All New Presets of Instrument Sounds! Also get 1 more Sound Collection FREE – thats a $70 savings!

Included Kits: Strings Vol.1&2, Bass Vol.1&2, Horns Vol.1&2, Hip Hop Guitars Vol.1&2

Get the entire Synth Pad Sample Series and Save $20! Features Slow Pads, Airy Pads, Vocal Ahh Pads, Brass Pads, String Pads, Ambient Pads, various synth pad effects, Bright, Moving, Dark, Airy, Soft Synth Pads, Metallic Style Pad Sounds, and many more!

Kits Included: Pad Samples Vol.1, Pad Samples Vol.2, Pad Samples Vol.3, Pad Samples Vol.4



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