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1.) Download Option & Unzipping Instructions
2.) Loading Drum Kit & Sound Collections

1.) MPC Download Option & Unzipping Instructions top
After downloading the zip files, unzip each 'disk'
file and then copy the contents to a floppy disk.
In each download file there are 2 folders 'CD_Zip' & a 'Floppy' Folder. If you are using a CD or Zip Drive with the akai MPC 2000/xl, just copy these files to the disk. If you are using Floppy Disks, there are individual floppy disks already pre-configured for you to copy to each disk.

If you're unsure how to unzip the akai mpc files. First make
sure you have winzip installed. If not, download
and install the evaluation version provided. Once
installed, right click the file you want to unzip
( for example) and choose the option
'extract to folder'.

2.) Loading Drum Kit & Sound Collections into the Akai MPC 2000 and Akai MPC2000xl top
1) Select Shift & #3 (Disk button)
2) Press F1 (Load)
3) Select the .pgm file with the Data wheel
4) Select F6 (Do It)

The Dialog Box "Load a Program / Replace Same
Sound in Memory" Pops up

5) Select F3 (Clear) Erases existing P&S or
6) Select F5 (Load) Adds to existing P&S

When asked for missing files, insert next disk
of Sound Collection.

When using the download option, these sounds will not play on the computer. You must first convert the snd files to wav files in the MPC before being able to play back on a computer.


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