MPC 1000 Loading Instructions

Akai MPC1000 Loading Instructions

1.) Download Option & Unzipping Instructions
2.) Loading Drum Kit & Sound Collections

1.) Download Option & Unzipping Instructions
After downloading the zip files, unzip each ‘disk’
file. Connect the MPC1000 to your computer via USB. Find the MPC1000 Drive and copy the contents to your mpc1000.

If you’re unsure how to unzip the files. First make
sure you have winzip installed. If not, download
and install the evaluation version provided. Once
installed, right click the file you want to unzip
( for example) and choose the option
‘extract to folder’. When it is
finished unzipping.

2.) Loading Drum Kit & Sound Collections
1) Press the [MODE] key and the [PAD 2] (LOAD).
The LOAD page will be displayed. To load a file from
the memory card, insert the compact flash card in the
memory card slot.
2) Select the program file and load it. The Load a Program window will be displayed.
In the Load field, select to load the samples.
3) Press the [F5] (DO IT) key. The MPC1000 will start loading the data.

To load MPC 1000 sounds on a compact flash card, you’ll need to go 2 folders deep into the flash card to find the pgm files and samples.