MPC 2500 Loading Instructions

Akai MPC2500 Loading Instructions

1.) Download Option & Unzipping.

After downloading the zip files, unzip each downloaded file and then copy the contents to the Compact-flash disk. Do not copy the folder…… just the folder/contents inside the ‘CD_Zip’ folder.

If you’re unsure how to unzip the files. First make sure you have winzip installed. If not, download and install the evaluation version provided. Once installed, right click the file you want to unzip ( for example) and choose the
option ‘extract to folder’. When it is finished unzipping, select all the contents of the ‘trstr1_d1’ folder (CTRL-A to select all), right click the selections, then choose the ‘send to’ Compact-flash drive.

2.) Using the USB option with the MPC 2500

Insert the memory card to the MPC2500’s card slot.
Press the (MODE) key and then the (PAD 2 ) LOAD, or (PAD 3 ) Save. In the load from or save to field, select MEMORY CARD. if you wish to load/save to/from the internal hard disk select HARD DISK. In the LOAD page, or the SAVE page, press the F4 (USB) key. This brings up the USB page, which you use to connect the MPC2500 to the PC. That is all for the MPC2500.

Connect the MPC2500’s USB slave jack to your computer’s USB host jack via USB cable. Removal media will be displayed on the desktop.

To save the data in the computer, select the data and drag and drop it from the removable disk to the hard disk. To load the data from the computer, select the data and drag and drop it from the hard disk to the removal media.

When the data transfer is done you must disconnect the USB cable before proceeding.

3.) How to unzip and transfer files to the mpc2500 from a media reader to the compact flash card

Unzip the Downloaded file(s) using winzip and open to desktop. This will give you a system folder on the desktop with your sounds in it.

Step 1 – Insert Compact-flash disk into MPC 2500,

Step 2 – You must format all compact-flash disks using the mpc 2500. Select the mode button and pad 2 for load. The load screen will appear, hit F3 which says (UTILITY) A format screens appears (Device: MEMORY CARD) should be the only option. Select f6 (DO IT) now your Compact-flash is formatted. Remove your Compact-flash card from the MPC 2500 and place it into the media reader & Writer. An icon should appear on your desktop, this is your Compact-flash disk.

Select that folder we unzipped earlier on the desktop, open the folder, go to the ‘CD_Zip’ folder and select “select all” (select all the contents/folder) from the edit menu in the header, then under the edit menu select “copy”, then select the compact-flash icon on your desktop and select “paste” from the edit menu in the header. This will copy all the files you’ve previously selected to the compact-flash disk. You can also use the drag and drop system (select all and drag to the compact-flash disk.Now your sounds are on your newly formatted Compact-flash disk.


1) Select MODE & PAD#2
2) Make sure the view is Program(View:PROGRAMS)
3) Make sure the Load from say MEMORY CARD(Load from: MEMORY CARD)
4) Select the .pgm file with the Data wheel
4) Select F6 (Do It)

The Dialog Box “Load a Program / Option to Load: WITH SAMPLE or PROGRAM ONLY
change it to read WITH SAMPLE(Load:WITH SAMPLE)
also Replace Same
Sound in Memory” YES or NO
if you want to add sounds to the current mpc2500 libary, select “NO” if you
want to replace the current sample libary select “YES”
5) Select F5 (DO IT)
6) Select the main button, chose your sq, select your track, type should be
“DRUM” select the program you’ve loaded by using the DATA wheel.
7) Happy Beat making….