Wav Sounds to MC 909

Importing Wav Samples to the Roland MC 909

Loading wav samples into the MC 909 is a simple 5 step process. To load more samples at a time into the internal memory, either 128mb or 256mb RAM can be installed.
Here’s how to import an audio file (WAV/AIFF) as a sample.
1. From the menu, choose “Import WAV/AIFF.”
2. Press [ENTER].
3. Select the sample that you want to import.
*1: If not even check mark is assigned, the operation will be
executed on the file selected by the cursor.
4. Press [F6 (Import Sample)].
A message will ask you for confirmation.
5. To import, press [F6 (Execute)].
The file will be loaded as a sample.
* To cancel, press [F5 (Cancel)].

Expanding the Roland MC 909 internal memory

Expanding the MC 909 memory is very simple, make sure to check the Roland MC 909 manual for detailed instructions.
Specifications of the expansion memory (DIMM)
that can be used:
Number of pins: 168-pin
Speed: 100 MHz (PC100 CL=2)
133 MHz (PC133 CL=3)
Voltage: 3.3 V
Capacity: 128 MB, 256 MB
Board height: 38 mm or less