Motif Loading Instructions

Yamaha Motif Loading Instructions

1.) Download Option & Unzipping Instructions
2.) Loading Drum Kit & Sound Collections

1.) Download Option & Unzipping Instructions 
After downloading the zip files, unzip each ‘disk’ file and
copy contents to a SmartMedia Card, Zip Disk, or burn to CD-ROM.

If you’re unsure how to unzip the files. First make sure you
have winzip installed. If not, download and install the
evaluation version provided. Once installed, right click the
file you want to unzip ( for example) and choose the
option ‘extract to folder’. When it is finished
unzipping, select all the contents of the ‘mtf_808’ folder
(CTRL-A to select all), amd copy to SmartMedia Card, Zip Disk,
or burn to CD-ROM using your favorite burning software
(We recommend Nero Burning Rom 6).

Manuals contain loading instructions & Sound Listings for all
Sound Collections and can be downloaded HERE.

2.) Loading Drum Kit & Sound Collections
NOTE* Make sure to perform a “Save All” function & back up your settings before loading your Sound Collection

1.) Press the file button on the MOTIF.
2.) Press the F3 button (Load) and select “Voice” for file type.
3.) Scroll right & select GNxxx.w2v file.
4.) Select GNxxx.w2v again & press Enter.
5.) Select user preset location to load sample drum kit
(user preset 1-128) & press enter.